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Tourism Market of Ecuador

The Daily Brief – The Tourism Market of Ecuador

“Ruta del Sol” directly translates to “Route of the Sun”, a most apropos moniker, for a coastal stretch of highway that runs almost the full north-south length of the majestic coast of Ecuador.  Just a scant 6 years ago, this road was not available for the burgeoning tourism market of Ecuador.  Travel from beach to beach, along the gorgeous Pacific coast, once was a labor of love and angst.

All that has changed now, as part of President Correa’s emphasis on tourism in Ecuador, projects such as the construction of the Ruta del Sol have spurred on the tourism sector.  The International Tourism Fair of Ecuador (FITE) serves to highlight the many positive developments in the tourism sector.

Fresh off the FITE presentations in Salinas, Ecuador, epicenter for the coastal resort tourism market, exciting new tourism announcements were made.  Along with that was the arrival of 30 diverse international tourism delegations. Each delegation,  originating from a different country, came to partake of all that Ecuador has to offer in terms of tourism, vacationing and historical sites.  Announcements were also made that the upcoming tourism fair, to be hosted at the Convention Center in the city of Guayaquil, already had over 350 participants lined up for the exhibition section of the event.

The recent FITE event also featured tourism updates from various regional Chambers of Commerce, members of the hospitality industry, numerous tour operators and from Mr. Jaime Rull, President of FITE.  Mr. Rull emphasized the diversity of tourism opportunities in Ecuador, from the Pacific splendor, to the rolling Sierra region, down to the tropical rain forests of the Amazon and, of course, the one-of-a-kind magnificence of the Galapagos Islands.  Mr. Rull noted, “The Ecuadorian coast offers temperate climates year round, with the warmth of its climate only exceeded by the warmth of its people and the services they offer.  It is the place to go whale watching, engage in all manner of water sports, learn of the many archeological sites, partake of the delicious coastal cuisine and, of course, sail the Pacific on a fishing expedition.  Of course, perhaps you simply would want to relax and enjoy one of many beautiful beaches, all coming together to fortify this region as a dynamic playground for the regional tourist economy.”

Ecuador has always been a land of mystery, waiting to be discovered.  The tourism opportunities have never been more widespread and yet, more readily facilitated than today.  It is time to come on down and discover Ecuador.


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