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Tips and Tricks on Your Move to France

Tips and Tricks on Your Move to France

Moving to France is a monumental task best to be prepared. We give tips and tricks to make the process run smooth.

The original article first appeared at the france.escapeartist site titled “Moving to France”. (must read if planning to move to France).

Below, is the scaled version of the aforementioned article.


France Visa Required

  • In order to receive a long-term work visa, it’s best to be sponsored by a company with a letter of employment to improve your chances for a visa.
  • You will need a visa to buy or lease an apartment or drive a vehicle in France.
  • To receive a visa for working or living in France, there are many documents and fees required along with proper documentation regarding fiscal capabilities.
  • Plan ahead when applying for a visa to France; the time to process and approve of a visa takes between two and six months.
  • Carry all the documents that were required to receive your visa when you travel.


The Move to France

  • Learn about the French culture, history, geography, cuisine and history.
  • Study the French language and use it when speaking to others.
  • Study local festivities, traditions and even the climate at your time of arrival


After Arriving to France

  • Visit the Prefecture’s Office within eight days of first arriving in France. They will verify your passport and give you a series of forms and other documents that you will need bring on future appointments.
  • You will undergo a Government-approved medical examination that will be conducted by the French International Migration Office to assure you are not using drugs. After you have gone through the necessary paperwork and pass all the required medical examinations, the French Government will grant you a Residence Permit, which will have to be renewed yearly.
  • Take extra precautions regarding the safekeeping of your personal paperwork. It is very difficult to have them replaced.


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