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The Ultimate Guide to Going Offshore: Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know

‘Going Offshore’ can be a daunting prospect. A quick Google search will lead to a mountain of online resources, articles, and advice – often with varying levels of accuracy, reliability and, in some cases, truth. 

Well, thankfully, that’s all changed. 

When it comes to protecting your money, we recognise that it’s accessible, expert advice that matters – from a trusted, up-to-date, source. 

Divided into clear sections, Our Ultimate Guide to Going Offshore begins by taking you through the initial process of country selection and offers an overview of the benefits that can achieved by moving offshore. Rather than being overwhelmed by complex acronyms and financial jargon, the Ultimate Guide offers human advice with real-life examples.

So, Why Should You Think of Getting an Offshore Bank Account? 

Offshore bank accounts provide a range of benefits for those informed enough to make good use of the advantages they offer. 

The reduction of risk is of course an initial attraction for many. 

Unlike major international banks, many specialist offshore options are less reactive or vulnerable to political circumstances and events. In short, you can take control of where your money is stored and how it is invested. 

This of course better protects your assets – without the fear that one day your funds may be inaccessible. 

Let’s take the example of the US, a nation one would assume has stringent and safe controls over the money they handle. Well, in 2018, American banks were rated as only the 40th safest in the world. Offshore options, in the simplest sense, offer the chance to keep your money somewhere else. Somewhere safer. Somewhere you have more control over. 

Equally, this applies to the currency you’re banking in too. Market volatility seems to be a mainstay of the current times we live in – and with that comes wildly fluctuating currencies. 

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Offshore banking provides an opportunity to sell your dollars in exchange for stronger currencies of your choosing. Providing both extra stability and opportunities for returns should one be interested in foreign exchange markets. 

Here, it’s all about understanding what options are out there and how best you can leverage them for your benefit. 

Whether your priority is privacy, currency diversification, risk mitigation, or investment, The Ultimate Guide to Going Offshore provides practical information on the first considerations to make and the process of opening an account offshore in simple, easy-to-understand language, so you’re informed every step of the way. 

Offshore Incorporation and Offshore Trusts

The idea of transferring your legal and financial liability into a legal entity separate from you, while still enjoying profits and the benefits from them may seem like a major departure from the traditional notions of banking we’re used to. However, offshore incorporation is a path to new business opportunities, better tax protection, and unparalleled financial privacy for those who know how to make it work for them.

With clear details of the documents required, how to access specialist financial services, and ultimately how to achieve greater profits for reinvestment or returns, our Ultimate Guide to Going Offshore offers in-depth walkthroughs on offshore incorporation and trusts. 

Tax Strategies

Throughout the Guide, focus is given to making the diverse array of tax strategies available workable and understandable. 

It’s usually here that many become overwhelmed by the scale of content available – each with their own perspectives (and often their own agendas). 

However, this guide does things differently – providing concrete information, up-to-date regulations to be aware of, and how to get ahead (and get support) on the associated paperwork. 

Legality is of course a major concern for those new to the offshore world, and rightly so. 

Rather than living in uncertainty or following untrusted sources, our Ultimate Guide provides options, strategies, and information to ensure compliance with international and local laws. 

The ultimate aim being that you can manage your money with confidence and control – knowing which tax requirements apply to you and which ones you don’t need to worry about. 

Ready to Begin your Offshore Journey? 

With the advantages listed above, you might already be set on the idea of moving your money offshore or you may just be curious to learn more. 

What’s clear is that for anyone looking to see how they can better protect their wealth or want to discover what offshore options could offer them in future, there really is no better starting point than the Ultimate Guide. 

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