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The Adventure of Living on a Barge and Finding a New Car . . . In France!

At least once in our lives, many people dream of ‘leaving it all behind‘ and starting a new and completely different life . . . even it is for a short time. Well, that’s exactly what EscapeArtist writer, Michelle, and her husband did just a few weeks ago when they left the U.S. on vacation for France. They planned far more than just any ordinary vacation to the French countryside or a trip into Paris for short visits to the Louvre and to the Eiffel Tower. No, they have already done in the past; instead, they rented a car at the Paris airport rental office and went to live and cruise on their very own barge, the “IMAGINE” for eight glorious weeks of adventure.

In Michelle’s account of their vacation, she tells us about her experience with a Paris Car Rental service that almost landed her and her husband in jail (really), and how they finally took the plunge and got a used car so they could move further from their area of residence when needed.

Of course, getting the car was just the result of a series of mini adventures and a lot of learning that Michelle and her husband experienced. To add further humor to the story is the fact that they virtually had no knowledge of the French language!

This story is definitely a must read, and one only wishes Michelle and her husband had access to a guide to living and investing in France to have saved them a lot of time, but their experience is our gain.

To read the rest of the story click on this link “The Barge Life In France” by Michael Caffrey

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