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Social Security in the Philippines

When it comes to social security services in the Philippines, private-sector employees as well as domestic workers and self-employed people are covered. For Filipinos working abroad, it is possible to gain voluntary coverage. The same applies to insured persons who are no longer eligible to receive compulsory coverage and for the spouses of insured people. Government employees and military personnel have their own system.

The Social Security system in the Philippines covers the following benefits:

  • Old age
  • Disability
  • Survivors
  • Sickness & maternity
  • Work injury

Contributions made to Old Age, Disability and Survivors funds while working in the Philippines also cover sickness, maternity and funeral benefits. The contributions are as follows:

  • Insured people contribute 3.33% of their gross monthly earnings
  • Voluntarily insured people have to pay their own as well as the employer’s contribution, which amounts to 9.4% of their gross monthly earnings
  • Employers thus pay 7.07% of their employee’s gross monthly earnings




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