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Simplifying International Money Transfers to Ecuador

I wear many hats.  Sometimes, I think my nickname should be “Hat Rack”.  However, I love it when it opens up the opportunity to bring something special to our loyal EscapeArtist membership.  As they say, membership has its privileges. I especially love it, when the opportunity helps resolve a core challenge many face here in Ecuador.  So, you follow the wise principles of multiple locations for your assets, your residence and your sources of income.  You decide to reside or even retire here in Ecuador, because you appreciate value, seek natural beauty and yearn for a simpler, but richer lifestyle.  So, you target that perfect beachfront bungalow or perfect SUV you just have to purchase.  So, how do you get money transfers to Ecuador – from point A, your deposit account, to point B, the seller’s Ecuadorian bank account?

For most, the only solution has been the traditional electronic bank wire transfer.  However, we all know the challenges.  Bank wire transfer fees are going up what seems almost daily.  For some, in countries like the USA, it seems  your bank makes it more difficult by the minute to implement a simple bank wire transfer. Almost like you have to provide a DNA sample and sign transfer documents in blood.

Still, at least USA residents have one advantage – their currency is the USD, just like Ecuador.  But what if you are transferring funds from Canada, the UK or China?  Then you have to suffer the additional indignity of going through the bank wire transfer currency conversion rates process.  I am pretty sure this process is designed along the lines of casino gambling in Vegas.  No matter how likely it looks like you might win, you eventually face “house odds” and the roll of the dice reads “snake eyes”.  The system seems designed to give you the worst conversion rate possible, on any given day and, yet, still charge you the highest conversion fee just shy of loan shark rates.

I am happy to report this is no longer the case.  A solution has arrived.  No, no, I am not going to ask you to go to some seedy dockside bar, hire a drunken sailor and sneak a suitcase full of money onto coastal Ecuador.  We may like to call ourselves Pirates of the Pacific around here, but there are limits…some, at least.

What I offer goes back to the whole “hat wearing” experience.  Donning other said “sombrero”, I am what is called an Ambassador for a separate organization known as InterNations.  The Chapter for which I serve as Ambassador is based out of Guayaquil, Ecuador, this nation’s commercial capitol.  InterNations is the largest volunteer Expat network organization in the world.  We simply serve to provide a friendly face to travelers and “would be” Expats seeking to explore all that Ecuador offers.  We do this mostly through our website, email and monthly communal meetings, which bring together Expats from all walks of life and all regions of the world, for some camaraderie, drinks and a good meal.

What is important to you, our EscapeArtist reader, is that through a special partnership with InterNations, we can now provide our loyal EscapeArtist membership with access to a new form of international wire transfer and currency exchange option, at significant cost savings, less red tape and better service quality than dealing with the antiquated and increasingly more intrusive global banking system.

Imagine partnering with a global service provider that has conducted almost ₤17 billion in global currency exchange and international wire transfers.  A company which takes only a fraction in transaction fees, compared to the global banks.  A service oriented corporation that provides exceptional international money transfer exchange rates, on a daily basis.  A company that does not hide any extra fees or commission charges.  Essentially, this partner company offers your own personal clearing house for currency conversion and global financial wire transfers, at the fastest available international payment rates, with the highest degree of client services.

Wouldn’t you like a worry free and more efficient method to make your purchases in Ecuador, especially for large items, such as a villa, car or furnishing a home? Well, this is exactly what we are offering the EscapeArtist readership, in accessing this leading company, in global payments and foreign exchange.  But what if your registered membership here at EscapeArtist Ecuador, opened the door to another exclusive, by invitation only, membership, which provided an extra benefit for all your money transfer requirements to Ecuador and anywhere else in the world?  Well, that is exactly what I am offering.

InterNations is a welcoming and transparent organization, but it is strictly a “by invitation only” organization.  You have to be referred to the website by an existing member or Ambassador, in order to be offered membership privileges.  As the Guayaquil, Ecuador Ambassador, I am offering any and all registered members of EscapeArtist Ecuador an invitation to membership at InterNations.  Basic membership is absolutely free and signing up takes no more than 5 minutes.  While I am sure you can see the benefits of being part of the largest Expat network in the world, some of you might be wondering what this has to do with wire transfers and simplifying your life further in Ecuador?  Glad you, sort of, asked.

Our new financial services partner has offered InterNations members an exclusive offer, which not only guarantees the best available global exchange rate, but also provides unlimited free international money transfers.  Yep, free.  Like they say, it doesn’t get any better than “free”.  With corporate global offices around the world, accessible 24 hours per day, one would have to be a little lax in their diligence, if they didn’t at least consider this opportunity.  After all, in a world where everyone is offering “deals” at $349, just to peek under their hood, this entire EscapeArtist and InterNations offer is free!  What a beautiful word…”free”!

Here is all you have to do and, trust me, no last minute zinger.  If you are one of the few who has not already done so, please fill out the convenient and readily accessible registration form right here on our EscapeArtist Ecuador website.  Only registered EscapeArtist members will be invited by me into InterNations.  All you need is to enter one word in the comments section, “InterNations”.  With your name and email address…and…that one word, I will email you with the instructions for InterNations membership.  Again, membership made easy.  Filling out both the EscapeArtist registration and the InterNations membership application, won’t take 10 minutes combined.  Once you are registered in InterNations, I will provide the details about our service provider, with the key point of contact to begin your new worry free global money transfer and currency exchange lifestyle.  Just that easy.

I have selected to introduce this service through EscapeArtist Ecuador because our existing membership has clamored for such services.  I also want to limit the number of individuals that rush through this unique financial services provider program.  After all, part of their emphasis is on quality, personalized service.  Hard to do, if we open this up to the general public.  i is precisely why, I have purposely chosen not to release their name, on a publicly accessible website, but only to registered EscapeArtist Ecuador members.

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However, nothing in life is perfect.  If you are already in the majority who have registered with our Ecuador portal via EscapeArtist, we are going to ask that you register again, providing that key word of “InterNations”.  We only want to invite those exclusive few with a genuine interest in this service, who will be consistent clients with our financial service provider.  I hope you will understand and pardon the inconvenience, of making you go through this twice.  Frankly, it might happen again in the future.  At EscapeArtist, we are not like most who wish to clutter you mailbox with daily nonsense.  We only want to provide targeted and meaningful opportunities, which require regular interaction with our website.  Thank you for your understanding and I hope you will enjoy this new service, found at EscapeArtist Ecuador.


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