facebook A Guide to Fun, Inexpensive Shopping in the Most Cosmopolitan City

Shopping as Parisians Shop: A Guide to Fun, Inexpensive Shopping in the Most Cosmopolitan City in the World.

Many may think that shopping in Paris would be the dream of a lifetime. But, it’s more affordable than you might think! That’s precisely the point that Rachel, a writer for EscapeArtist tells us about in the account of her shopping trips to Paris, the City of Lights. She explains to us how Paris can be not just inexpensive, but actually a tremendously fun place to do your shopping regardless if you are a woman looking for stylish clothing or a man searching for the best antiques.
What makes Rachel’s account so appealing is that contrary to other people who shop in France that will tell you to go to the same places again and again, Rachel offers tips and advice that are only known to the locals; for example, how going to the market at the right time to save you a lot when you go shopping for groceries. Or, how flea markets are an entirely different (and better) experience than what they are in other parts of the world . . . if you know how to search properly.
Lastly, Rachel also tells us about a museum in France where you can go shopping, and how to be truly ready when going shopping in Paris, since this is a city where its people value appearance and taste tremendously.

Rachel Kaplan is the author of the best-selling “Little-Known Museums In and Around Paris” (Harry N. Abrams, Inc.) and the only electronic guide on shopping in Paris, “Best Buys to French Chic in Paris.” It’s the only guide on the Net with prices in euros. She is also the President of “French Links” and “British Links,” two cultural tourism companies offering art, history, antique buying, and shopping tours. Rachel Kaplan also organizes specialist tours for singles, women, as well as for corporate and non-profit organizations. A resident of Paris since 1994, she is thrilled to be doing what she loves best and sharing it with her guests from all over the English-speaking world. She has published in Travel & Leisure, National Geographic Traveler, Paris Notes, Avenue, Art & Antiques and This City Paris magazines.

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