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Other Work Alternatives in Paraguay

If you don’t want to try your luck and apply for a job at the companies available in Paraguay hiring internationally, there are other possibilities for foreigners to earn a living.


If you can bring your work with you from Europe or the USA you can actually live pretty good here. Paraguay’s tax structure is quite favorable to foreign incomes, in fact you don’t have to pay any taxes on income made outside of Paraguay.

Internet connections are very good especially in Asuncion, so if you are a writer, designer or online entrepreneur you won’t have a problem to telecommute and enjoy life in (and work) in Paraguay while still making a good monthly income.


Another way to make a living is by teaching English. Even though Paraguay wouldn’t probably be the first country on your list to move to and teach English and you certainly won’t earn a lot of money teaching English here, but you will earn enough money to cover your cost of living which is very cheap in Paraguay and you can eat delicious fresh food for just a dollar or two a meal!


Most teaching opportunities will be in the capital city of Asuncion and smaller cities like Ciudad del Este and Encarnacion. It is possible to find a job in Paraguay without a degree, teaching certificate or qualifications. As long as you are a native English speaker, you will be able to find something quite easily.

However, there are some bilingual international schools in the country for more privileged children and the salary is much higher than most other schools. These schools will be stricter about your qualifications and experience and will usually require that you have a bachelor’s degree, and some kind of teaching certificate like a TEFL, TESOL or CELTA.

And if you just want to get to know the country for a certain period of time, learn the language and become part of everyday life you can always volunteer.


The Peace Corps has currently 237 Volunteers in Paraguay working in the following areas:

  • Agriculture Extension: Soil conservation and recuperation; permaculture systems and organic gardens; reforestation; small-scale diversification efforts such as beekeeping and small animal husbandry; and climate change awareness.
  • Community Economic Development: Civic education; entrepreneurship; family finance; information computer technology; and business planning skills and entrepreneurial thinking among youth.
  • Community Health: Prevention education and training, primarily in basic sanitation and hygiene; nutrition and non-communicable diseases; HIV and STI prevention; and reproductive health.
  • Environmental Conservation: Environmental awareness; biodiversity; and sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices, in which community members learn to more carefully and effectively utilize natural resources in ways that improve their standard of living.

Additionally, Peace Corps/Paraguay has four initiatives that cut across project lines and provide secondary work opportunities for Volunteers in all project areas: information and communications technology (ICT), HIV/AIDS education and prevention, youth development, and gender and development. During their service in Paraguay, Volunteers learn to speak the local languages, including Guaraní and Spanish.

There are many other volunteering opportunities available in Paraguay and the best way to find out about current openings is by checking the internet.

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