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Other Important Details about Your IRA

There is a lot that you are not told when you sign up for an Individual Retirement Account. The reason behind this is the IRA managers do not want you to have control over your assets. They want to make commissions on everything you buy.

So long as you’re with your current employer, you need to live with this. Once you leave an employer, your IRA “vests” and you can invest it more aggressively.

Conservative can be good if you wish to play it safe and don’t use your IRA to invest in a hot commodity or purchase property, but if you wish to use the benefits of an IRA to improve your retirement funds this can be a drag.

I highly recommend having an IRA manager next to you when you are in the position of investing money. Still, it is frustrating to have saved money for all those years and still be told that you cannot do with it as you please. The key is being smart and like everything in life, surrounding yourself with smart people can be the key to a happy retirement.

Before you make investments using your IRA there are some additional details that you must know. After all, it is quite an extensive subject and it is filled with rules of what you can and can’t do.

In order to properly control your own IRA, you must turn it into an LLC. This is done with to guarantee that the owner of the IRA is the manager of the LLC and that way he can control the IRA.

What I just wrote here can be confusing, but I can put it into simple terms. If you have a rental property that you purchased using an IRA, you can’t even change the paint in the walls as it is not yours. With an IRA LLC this is not a problem.

While there is a long list of things that you cannot use an IRA for there are also a number of investments and other sorts of payments that you can make with it. For example, you can use your IRA to make payment for loans and to loan money.

  • Loans to unrelated persons for any reason
  • Loan money to friends for any purpose
  • Loan to real estate developers
  • Loans to any business that you don’t own 50%
  • Loans to a business that you are not a highly compensated employee

You might be asking yourself one important question, is any of this taxable? The answer to that question depends on the type of IRA that you have. If you buy a property using an IRA and then you sell it at a profit, then the profit stays with the IRA.

That is to say, when you take distributions from a traditional IRA, they are taxable. When you take distributions from a ROTH IRA, they are tax-free.

In a traditional IRA, the profits that you make are tax-deferred if you have a Roth IRA the profit that you gain is tax-free. For this reason, it is important to make a decision based on what IRA fits your situation better.

Don’t be scared of what will happen to your IRA if you change your employer, your IRA will stay exactly the same. You can even move it into an IRA LLC and start controlling your money almost immediately.

Another fantastic option that you have when you create an IRA LLC is that you can combine them. This is great as you maximize your IRA, the only condition being that you must no longer work for the employer.

Maybe you had an idea that you could do some of these things with an IRA, but I can guarantee you that you did not know that you could use your IRA to invest overseas. You can also use your IRA as a practical way to retire overseas and make the most out of your retirement funds.

Domestic and Self Directed IRAs must pay taxes on profits from a number of investments. This taxes can be avoided by starting an Offshore IRA LLC and including a UBIT Blocker Corporation.

A traditional IRA cannot offer these option because your IRA is set up and managed in the United States. You can find this option outside of the United States because the country that you set up your Offshore IRA LLC is in a tax-free country.

If you plan on investing outside of the United States the benefits of having an Offshore IRA LLC can be enormous. The reason why industry experts don’t recommend this option is that it is harder to predict the success rate of an investment if it is outside of the United States.

The same rule applies in an offshore environment than in the United States. You cannot make loans to close family members, or to an offshore corporation if you own more than a 50 percent stake in the company.

The IRA can be used to buy property offshore, an option that is wise if you are planning to spend your remaining years in a foreign country and exploit the high value that the dollar has in a foreign jurisdiction.

I hope you’ve found this article on information regarding IRA to be helpful. For more information, or for assistance forming an offshore IRA LLC or connecting with a qualified custodian, please contact us 

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