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Opportunity in Salinas Ecuador

They say that opportunity only knocks once but I have been fortunate to have this happen more than once, in more than one location. Cartagena, Colombia was one of my first and then again in the area up the coast on the north shore.  I am not certain what it is but the little ´voice´ that says something is going to happen here is chattering again. There is opportunity in Salinas Ecuador.

Hector Quintana is the Chief Operations Officer for EscapeArtist Ecuador and also a veteran of  over 30 years  in the  International Real Estate marketplace. Yesterday we spent a full day exploring the market in the immediate area of Salinas.

Salinas is a small city with a resident population of about 50,000 inhabitants.  It  is located on the Ecuadorian coast about 2 hours from Guayaquil. One of the most notable things about this area is that it is not humid. In fact it is quite temperate. This area has been a popular weekend spot for the locals but throughout the remainder of the week, it can be quite quiet. Today was a spectacular day at the beach with beautiful  weather  ~ 25C /77F . Having lived in the stifling heat of Cartagena (8 months out of each year) this seemed like paradise !

Although this region is a favourite for the locals, the ´´first wave´´ of expats are well entrenched in town and along the coast.  Nonetheless there are still lots of opportunities for anyone who wants to either live or invest in this area. Whether you want an apartment along the malecon or the Beach prices are exceedingly reasonable compared to other resorts.

If you head back from the beach even just a few blocks you will find new homes and apartments being constructed at very affordable prices as well

Homes hug the coast as you move north from the city and they too represent an interesting investment.

It is not too late to invest in Salinas. In fact the potential for growth here is immense. The Correa government has laid in the infrastructure.  Once the new airport opens accessibility will be much easier.  Truly this has been an Ecuadorean vacation spot. Very likely residents from Quito will take advantage of the ease of travel and start to pick up properties at reasonable prices.

That little voice is saying ´´buy´´ Salinas Ecuador.

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