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Living the Language: How Learning French is More of an Experience than a Class Subject

In this fun and enlightening account, EscapeArtist writer, Jane, tells us about how she discovered the best way to learn French. She also advises on completely immersing yourself in the language to stop translating in your mind and start actually thinking in French. And even if you don’t manage to become totally fluent in French, she says the accent will be definitely be charming for French people, who tremendously value the fact that you are trying to learn their language.

Jane also provides great advice for beginners in the French language, and says that even for those slightly familiar with French, it would be of great help to immerse in the language as much as they can before heading for France by listening to French radio stations, watching French films and talking in French as much as possible. She also tells us about two very smart ways to learn French that don’t take even an hour to do.

One of the finest pieces of advice she provides about learning French is that if you were to choose one aspect of the language to emphasize in your learning, it should be learn to speak conversational French.
And all of this is just the tip of the iceberg, since in her account of her language-learning process, Jane not only comes up with great ideas and offers amazing advice, but also warns you about those language-learning techniques that don’t work quite as well as expected.

Read the full article by Jane Watt titled “Take a French Lover and Other Tips for Learning the Language”.

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