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Live, Work, Play, Invest and Retire in Ecuador

Welcome Friends, Colleagues & Investors!

We are delighted that you have found the Ecuador Portal, in the Escape Artist family of Country Portals.  Our goal is to entertain, inform and gently guide you on your quest for knowledge, whatever your motivation.  That is precisely why we have laid out our information in the basic categories of Live, Work, Play, Invest and Retire in Ecuador.  We recognize that each of us is driven by different passions and distinct priorities.  Our goal is to provide you a one-stop fountain of knowledge from which you can partake of as much, or as little, as you require.  What is definitely certain, as we begin this adventure together, is that we all share one distinct passion – Ecuador!

Ecuador is a diverse country, waiting to be discovered.  It reveals its mysteries slowly, relentlessly and always with the element of surprise and wonderment.  For a relatively small nation, both in terms of geographic size and a population totaling less than 15 million inhabitants, Ecuador offers an immense variety at every level imaginable.  Some of you might be headed to Ecuador as expats, looking to establish a new home, offering ideal climate, exceptional value and an endless opportunity for growth.  We guide you through our articles and reports, focusing on timely topics such as visa options, moving checklists, how to best approach the home buying process, the ins and outs of the healthcare system,  as well as educational options and how to make the enrollment process as easy as possible.

Others may be coming to Ecuador due to a career transfer or, perhaps, in search of an exciting career change.  We offer information on obtaining a Worker’s Visa, career fields that are in demand here in Ecuador with information and constant updates on options for starting your own business.

However, you will also realize that all work and no play…well, you know the rest.  So, for those just looking to frolic and enjoy the “fun in the sun” that is Ecuador, we offer helpful tips for planning your trip, how to maximize you free time in country, insights as to great hotels and restaurants, as well as insider tips on areas to explore and some sights you will definitely not want to miss.

For those of you who take that first trip and unexpectedly discover the immense investment possibilities that exist, we will keep you abreast of all the best opportunities in the real estate field, the oil sector, the mining industry and infrastructure arena, while also showing you optimum ways to apply that new investment towards an easy to obtain an Investment Visa.  All this, plus periodic “boots on the ground” economic updates, to keep you abreast of the rapid changes occurring in this dynamic economy of Ecuador.

Lastly, after all those investment dollars you put to work in Ecuador yield the strong, positive results we expect, you might just be ready to wind down and retire…perhaps, even earlier than expected.  We’ve got you covered, with informative news about healthcare options, the benefits of a Pensionado (Retirement) Visa, and the plethora of fun, creative and educational activities, which can occupy every single waking hour, of every day.  Of course, you can now choose to sleep in, instead – you’ve earned it!

We are passionate about Ecuador.  We chose to make it our home.  We offer real world, boots on the ground experience.  We don’t say we “live in a place”, merely because we visit for a few weeks per year.  We reside in Ecuador permanently. This is our full-time residence and we welcome you to share it with us.  Embrace the passion of the great outdoors, experience the warmth of the Ecuadorian people, sun on our beaches, savor our sumptuous seafood, and allow a lazy hammock along with a refreshing piña colada, to become your new national past-time.

In short, come live, work, play, invest and retire on our shores.  More than anything else, take the first steps and start a new adventure!  Come and discover…Ecuador.  Begin by utilizing EscapeArtist Ecuador as your portal to an exciting future that lies just ahead,  As our welcomed guests, make yourselves at home with us and come back to visit often.


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