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How to buy privacy coins and protect your freedom

Privacy coins. What are they, and are they far superior to bitcoin when it comes to privacy and freedom? 

In today’s interview, Eryka Gemma, our crypto expert, dispels the myth that bitcoin is private. 

In this video here is what else you learn:

  • What are the most famous privacy coins
  • Bitcoin is more public than your bank account
  • A visual presentation of the block explorer to see what it looks like
  • Where to buy privacy coins
  • And more!



Freedom and privacy are God-given rights. Do whatever you can to secure your future today.

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Eryka also writes a column in our monthly magazine Escape Artist Insiders. Get an even more in-depth look at privacy coins from Eryka in her upcoming April 1, 2022, article. If you are concerned about your privacy and freedom—and you should be after what we saw in Canada with bank account and asset seizures of citizens—don’t miss this edition! Check it out here.

A little insight into the power of self-custody wallets…

Coming Soon!

We are excited that Eryka will be launching her cryptocurrency course. Eryka has a passion for teaching and helping people, plus she can explain concepts of crypto in a way that people understand. 

Want to learn more? Get early, exclusive access to the course by Eryka Gemma!

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Highlights include:

  • How to Download a Non-Custodial Wallet and complete your first crypto transaction
  • What is an NFT – understanding the concept
  • Learn about Tokenized Structures and how to download and use a Metamask Wallet
  • Understand Tokenomics and Methods of Ownership
  • And much, much more!

You can get on the waitlist right now by clicking here.

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