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Golf in Costa Rica

When you think about sports in Costa Rica, golf isn’t usually the first sport that comes to mind. It really should be though. Costa Rica is a stunning natural paradise full of tropical flora and fauna, and it is also the home of several phenomenal championship quality golf courses. While the famous Cariari Golf Course near San Jose is considered the most beautiful golf course in Costa Rica, it is only accessible to members of its exclusive country club. However, there are several other stunning golf courses in Costa Rica that are open to visitors. No matter where you want to spend your vacation in Costa Rica, there’s sure to be a phenomenal green somewhere near you. So grab your irons and schedule that tee time in Costa Rica!

La Iguana Golf Course
La Iguana is the masterpiece golf course located in the breathtaking Los Sueños resort in Jaco, Costa Rica. This 6,698 yard golf course features magnificent open views and lush tropical vegetation. This Costa Rica golf course’s rating is a 73.4, the par is 72, and the slope is 145. Monkeys are frequently seen in the surrounding trees, and have even been known to steal the occasional ball off the green!

The Iguana Golf Course in Los Sueños is a true wonder to behold. This championship golf course has held many tournaments and keeps players coming back again and again. Their equipment is top notch and they offer all the finest facilities. Their dedicated golf professionals will help you play the game of your life, no matter what your current skill level.

Garra de Leon Golf Course
Located on the Northwest coast of Costa Rica, in the province of Guanacaste, is the Garra de Leon Golf Course. This course features rolling, emerald hills flanked by tropical rainforest and reaches all the way to the Pacific Ocean. This course isn’t particularly busy, so players seeking a great time can often walk right on without waiting. Iguanas can be seen all over this golf course, hiding in the trees, lurking near the water features, and often times sprinting across the field. Enjoy some golf in the sun at the Garra de Leon golf course.

Hacienda Pinilla Golf Course
Spread across 4,500 acres of land, the Hacienda Pinilla is located not far from a long-time cattle ranch, and the course has a rustic, ranch-like feel to it. This championship course is located in Tamarindo, Costa Rica, on the Northern Pacific coast of the country. The Hacienda Pinilla golf course has been honored by the Audobon Society as an eco-friendly golf course, and many tropical animals can be seen in the area. This Costa Rica golf course features grassy prairies, sloping hills, and 3 miles of flawless beach views. Golfing in paradise doesn’t get much better than this.

Valle del Sol Golf Course
Located in Santa Ana, Costa Rica, this course is only a short drive outside of San Jose. This professional, 18 hole course features striking mountain views and a perfect, temperate climate for daily play. The Valle de Sol golf course has also been certified by the Audoban Society and their Golf Academy is very well known. For a perfect day of golf just outside the city, look no further than the Valle de Sol golf course.

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