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Fun Activities in Tonga

There are many fun things to do while vacationing in Tonga. Let us show you some of the activities you can participate in while visiting this beautiful island Kingdom of Tonga.


Swim with the Whales

From June to November the southern humpback whales come from the Antarctica to Tonga to give birth to their young. This completes a cycle that starts every year new, as the calves will return to the place where they were conceived 11 months earlier.


If you want to swim with the whales tour operators who are highly trained will take you in small groups and you have a limited time to swim with these gorgeous creatures in a manner that won’t intrude on them and their offspring.



Tonga consists of 176 islands and is a paradise for divers. You can explore the Kingdom’s coral reefs and caves and discover a big number of of sea creatures in the crystal clear waters like sea turtles, manta rays, tuna, marlin and wahoo as well as whale sharks.


Sunken ships, coral gardens and swim through caves and arches will make your diving an adventure.



Neifau Harbour on Vava’u is one of the Pacific’s key sailing hubs, an essential and social destination for an increasing number of Pacific marine adventurers on extended sailing sojourns through the planet’s biggest ocean.


If you want to experience some sailing you can travel on a crewed vessel or a self-charter and will thus be able to travel to the optimal island locations for lazy day tropical sojourns of fishing, sea kayaking, surfing, snorkelling and diving. Day trips combining whale watching and sailing are also on offer from the sleepy northern Ha’apai island group.



If you like fishing you can charter a boat and enjoy the variety the oceans offers you. You can target Yellowfin, Dogtooth or Skip Jack Tuna. Mahimahi, Wahoo, Sailfish and Blue fin Trevally or Giant Trevally.


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The charter boat skippers all know the area well and will be able to show you around all the best fishing spots and even target specific species you may wish to catch. As well as their local knowledge you will be able to rely on their many years of experience in everything from tackle choice to baiting up.



Bird Watching

In the Kingdom of Tonga you will find many remote and untouched islands which are the ideal places if you want to observe unique species of birds.


On the tiny island of Maninita in the northern Vava’u group, vast numbers of seabirds nest, and it has become one of the South Pacific’s most important seabird breeding environment with its birdlife easy to view and unaffected by human influences.

On the isolated Vava’u island of Nuiafo’ou, the rare and endemic Tongan Megapode incubates its eggs in the island’s volcanic heated earth.


Ancient and pristine rainforest on the verdant southern island of ‘Eua echoes with the call of the rare red-breasted Koki, or musk parrot. This beautiful bird was introduced to Tonga in prehistoric times when its red feathers were an incredibly valuable trade commodity.


Other endemic and unusual species to surprise and delight visitors include the Pacific swallow, Tongan whistler, Pacific pigeon and the Polynesian triller.

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