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France Community Structure is a New and Novel Approach

France Community Structure is a New and Novel Approach

Old-world culture and French heritage unite the French people into cohesive communities based on common values and geographic boundaries. The idea of ‘community’ is a new and novel approach in France and it has taken political strength and leadership to convince the French people to join together to form urban regions for the sharing of resources, transportation and legal regulations.

Most commonly recognized urban areas in France are:

  • Lyon – The largest urban community in France
  • Lille Metropole – The first community founded in France and the best known for it’s effective transportation system and environmental efforts.
  • Marseille – A very independent community with issues of poverty.
  • Bordeaux – Home to France’s famous vineyards. This is a very prosperous community.
  • Greater Toulouse – A relatively new community in France with a large population and many political issues.
  • Nice – The home city for the French Rivera draws world-wide visitors to this prosperous area.
    Strasbourg – This city’s borders sit on German territory and adopts many German traditions.

These urban communities are given a variety of government support through fiscal or non-fiscal support.

Communities who have been granted no fiscal power are far more flexible in their regulations, and offer communities the option for creating ‘syndicates’ to raise local funds because there is no formal tax structure.

There are also communities with fiscal power that are granted money from taxes for communities to develop housing projects and plans for environmental protection.

France community structure with it’s economic solidness and the tremendous strength of its cultural heritage has gained France the admiration of both old and new generations, which has made it one of the top destinations of choice when it comes to choosing not only a vacationing site, but also a place to live. It also helps, of course, that the French enjoy one of the lowest retirement age averages in the region, as well as the best healthcare system in the entire Europe.



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