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Finding a Job in Ireland

There are many work opportunities in Ireland for travelers. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, unemployment is currently at its lowest figure ever and secondly Ireland has developed in to one of the most successful countries within the European Union. Thus, they are increasingly finding it difficult to locate experienced quality local staff and thus are looking abroad. This is good news for travelers as we are filling the void.

Having a variety of skills, being prepared to try new things even without the appropriate skills and having the desire to get out and find work all enhance one’s prospects.

When you look for work one of the things that lets you down is not having a contact number. A good idea is to invest in a mobile phone so you do not miss that all important call to let you know you have a position.

Where to find work

The Irish economy has been so strong in recent years it has been awarded the name of The Celtic Tiger. The strong currency and the arrival of many hi-tech companies and call-centres have created large numbers of positions. This in turn has seen the unemployment rate fall to its lowest level ever. This is good news if you are a traveller seeking work.

The most popular place to find work is in Dublin where many working holiday makers set up home. Here there are hospitality and office support positions to be had.

Outside of Dublin travellers find positions in the other major centres such as Cork, Limerick, Galway and Kerry.

Finding work

The various ways to find work include through FAS (the national employment service), newspapers, the Internet, professional associations, recruitment agencies, hostels, word of mouth and door knocking.


The Irish Employment Service Foras Aiscanna Saothair (FAS) is part of EURES which is the European Union Public Employment Service. FAS has around 70 offices throughout the Republic and is available for EU and EEA passport holders to consult. If using their services you will find you can follow up on positions available by using the phones available in their offices.

Professional Associations

If your profession (chartered accountant, nurse, osteopath, lawyer, etc) requires you to be registered with a professional association and you want to continue working in this profession once you are in Ireland, then contact them to see if a similar organisation exists. More than likely it will and they should be able to provide you with details as to what you need (qualifications recognised, etc.) to be able to work in your profession in Ireland. You will then need to contact the Irish organisation to see if you need your qualifications recognised.

Consider Where You Are

Considering where you are can lead to work opportunities. Instead of sitting around thinking I can’t find work, think along the lines of ‘I am in a particular area and this area specializes in this industry therefore I could find work related to this industry. Some examples of what I mean are:

  • I am in the ski fields therefore I could find a hospitality position.
  • I am in an industrial area therefore I could find a trade position.
  • I am in a mining town therefore I could find a trade position. Or, as miners need to eat I could find a hospitality position.
  • I am in a major city therefore I could find office support, accounting, hospitality, etc.
  • I am in a town servicing the farming community therefore I could find a position as a farm hand or picking fruit and vegetables.

So when you find a place you like and you wish to stay a while, find out about the local industry.

Excerpted and adapted from the ebook “Live Work & Play in Ireland” by Sharyn McCullum.

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