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Escape Artist Insiders Magazine: Inside November 2023’s “Safety in an Unsafe World” Edition

Welcome to the November 2023 “Safety in an Unsafe World Edition” of Escape Artist Insiders Magazine, within which a world unfolds where the pursuit of safety goes beyond the commonplace. As the global landscape grapples with uncertainties, this edition serves as a beachhead of insight, featuring articles crafted by experts in their fields.

Asset protection lawyer Joel M. Nagel, Esquire, leads the charge by dissecting safety across three vital dimensions: Economics, Taxation, and Litigation. His feature goes beyond physical safety, examining into the complexities of securing one’s wealth and future.

Tracy Griffith offers an exclusive exploration of medical tourism in Mexico and Central America, dispelling myths and providing a nuanced view of healthcare destinations as Michael K. Cobb challenges perceptions in a compelling piece on the arbitrage opportunity between perceived and actual risks, revealing the strategies of elite investors.

Charlotte S. Tweed empowers with practical women’s self-defense tips that resonate across borders, while Luigi Wewege demystifies offshore banking, emphasizing its safety and legality. In addition, Jack Lannom takes us on a journey of personal enlightenment by introducing the Wheel of Life Mastery, a powerful tool for unlocking human potential.

Continue reading to discover highlights from each article, providing a taste of the in-depth insights awaiting you in Escape Artist Insiders Magazine’s November edition. And don’t forget to check out a list of additional captivating articles at the end of this article. Rest assured; you won’t want to miss what we have curated for you in this exceptional edition.

How To Be Safer in An Unsafe World – By Joel M. Nagel, Esquire

How To Be Safer in An Unsafe World - By Joel M. Nagel, Esquire

Step into a world where safety transcends borders and stretches beyond the conventional. In this seminal piece, Joel M. Nagel, Esquire, invites you on a journey through the intricate layers of security, extending far beyond the realm of physical safety. As an asset protection lawyer, Nagel investigates three critical dimensions: Economics, Taxation, and Litigation. In a thought-provoking exploration of Economics, Nagel dismantles the myth of the almighty dollar, advocating for real diversification. From Swiss franc-denominated investments to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, he paints a vivid picture of safeguarding your wealth against the stealth theft embedded in traditional currencies. Venturing into Taxation, Nagel shatters misconceptions surrounding offshore planning. He uncovers legitimate strategies within the tax code, from self-directed IRAs to international life insurance policies, offering a roadmap to heightened financial freedom and security. Finally, in Litigation Security, Nagel equips you with a robust defense, drawing inspiration from ancient strategies to introduce you to the concept of asset protection trusts as impenetrable guardians of your financial fortress. Nagel’s feature isn’t just a guide; it’s a blueprint for a life fortified against economic uncertainties, tax pitfalls, and the perils of litigation.

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Debunking Myths and Ensuring Safety in Medical Tourism: A Closer Look At Mexico and Central America – by Tracy Griffith

Debunking Myths and Ensuring Safety in Medical Tourism: A Closer Look At Mexico and Central America - by Tracy Griffith

Worried about the perceived risks, communication barriers, or the supposed compromise in quality? Wondering if post-operative care is truly lacking or if there are hidden drawbacks to longer travel times in Mexico and Central America? Embark on a revealing exploration of medical tourism in Mexico and Central America with Tracy Griffith’s exclusive feature in Escape Artist Insiders magazine. Griffith uncovers the truth behind widely held misconceptions, unveiling a world where high-quality healthcare meets stunning destinations. From debunking safety concerns to dispelling myths about cost-effective care, this article offers a nuanced perspective on the reality of medical tourism in Mexico and Central America.

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Perception Vs Reality: An Arbitrage Opportunity for Insightful Investors – By Michael K. Cobb

Perception Vs Reality: An Arbitrage Opportunity for Insightful Investors - By Michael K. Cobb

Are you afraid of flying yet it is the safest mode of transport, but never hesitate to jump into a car, one of the deadliest modes of transport? That disconnect between perception and reality is the irrationality Michael K. Cobb unravels in his fascinating piece. In a world where fear often clouds judgment, Cobb explores the disconnect between perceived risk and actual risk, presenting a compelling argument for seizing investment opportunities that others may overlook. Drawing parallels between the irrational fear of flying and the bold decisions of savvy investors, Cobb makes a compelling argument that challenges conventional wisdom. As you read the article, you will uncover the secrets of the elite few who navigate the “gap” between risk and perception, making informed decisions that lead to substantial profits.

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Women’s Self-defense Tips – by Charlotte S. Tweed

Women’s Self-defense Tips – by Charlotte S. Tweed

Empower yourself with life-saving knowledge as Charlotte S. Tweed shares invaluable women’s self-defense tips in the November Escape Artist Insiders magazine. Drawing on her experience as a certified self-defense instructor, Tweed explores practical and effective strategies for women’s safety applicable in any country. She also goes into the emotional aspects of self-defense, resonating with real-life stories that highlight the importance of preparedness. From avoiding potential threats to understanding the do’s and don’ts, Tweed provides insights that transcend borders. In the article, you will also discover essential tips on personal safety, including how to blend in, use attention-attracting tools, and assertively communicate in times of danger, while uncovering the significance of being aware of your surroundings and relying on your body as the ultimate self-defense tool.

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How Safe is Offshore Banking – by Luigi Wewege

How Safe is Offshore Banking - by Luigi Wewege

Uncover the truth about the safety of offshore banking with Luigi Wewege’s insightful feature on the safety of offshore banking. In a world where financial security is paramount, Wewege addresses common concerns and myths surrounding offshore banking, providing a comprehensive guide to ensure your peace of mind. Learn why offshore banking can safeguard your personal and business assets, offering enhanced privacy and protection from potential lawsuits. Wewege also explores the financial benefits of diversifying your holdings, emphasizing the importance of industry, investment, and geographic diversification. He goes further by touching on the legal aspects of offshore banking, debunking myths, clarifying the legality of this strategic financial choice and why Belize stands out as one of the world’s safest offshore banking destinations, with a stable government, trusted legal system, and a currency tied directly to the U.S. dollar.

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Wheel of Life Mastery – by Jack Lannom

Wheel of Life Mastery – by Jack Lannom

Go on a journey of powerful transformation with Jack Lannom in this pioneering feature. As a veteran in Organizational Development and Executive Coaching, Lannom shares insights gleaned from over 45 years of exposing the extraordinary in individuals. Explore the philosophy that every person is a walking miracle, a marvel, and God’s masterpiece, echoing the profound belief that changing your belief about people is the key to unlocking untapped potential. Through captivating narratives like that of Benjamin Tabolt, Lannom illustrates the power of recognizing the divine image in each individual. Discover how the Wheel of Life Mastery, a powerful developmental tool, helps reveal the unique facets of a person’s life. Lannom also challenges the prevailing disengagement problem in the workplace, advocating for a philosophical shift—treating everyone with dignity, respect, and honor.

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More stories to explore.

In addition to these stories, the November 2023 Edition of Escape Artist Insiders magazine is packed with so much more.

Here are some of the other insightful stories and features in this month’s edition:

Flight to Safety – by Rich Checkan

Is Bitcoin Safe? – by Paul Rosenberg

Batten Down the Hatches: 10 Actions You Can Take Right Now To Prepare For Impact – by Richard C. Wilson

Digital Safety in A Physical World – By Eryka Gemma

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