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Escape Artist Insiders: Inside our June 2024 “Exploring the Unknown” Edition

If you are considering a move overseas, there’s nothing like hearing from real expats who have done it themselves. That’s why we are so excited to introduce our June 2024 “Exploring the Unknown” Edition of Escape Artist Insiders magazine!

This issue is packed with advice from our offshore experts, alongside the real-life stories of expats who have made the move. There’s also a focus on Portugal in this issue, so if that is a country you have your eye on, you’ll definitely want to read this issue for some on-the-ground intel!

Here’s a snapshot of some of the articles you’ll find in our June 2024 “Exploring the Unknown” issue of Escape Artist Insiders magazine. Click here to subscribe and get your copy now!

Top 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Moving Overseas by Michael K. Cobb

Traditional fisherman house on beach in Portugal.

In this article, Mike shares 5 questions every aspiring expat needs to ask themselves before making the move overseas. Leaving your friends and family behind and adapting to a new culture and language is not for the faint of heart, and it is definitely not right for everyone.

If you are seriously considering making the move, this article provides excellent guidance on some of the key things you’ll need to ask yourself before making any final decisions. Getting real with yourself might not be the most fun part of considering an overseas move, but it’s crucial nonetheless.

Subscribe today if you are ready to ask yourself the tough questions to determine if you are ready to become an expat. And, if you subscribe before July 22, you can get Mike’s new book “How to Buy Your Home Overseas: And Get it Right the First Time” for the special pre-launch price of $2.99!

Experiencing the Paradise that is Portugal by Jack Wheeler

If you are looking for a fabulous overview of Portugal from a man that has traveled around the globe and has led multiple expeditions around Portugal itself, you’ll find it in this article by Jack Wheeler.

In this article, Jack gives us the rundown on Portugal’s stats, shares some fascinating sites to visit, and shares why he and his wife, Rebel, love this country so much. Through both his pictures and his words, he really conveys the spirit of Portugal and gives a great idea of what you can expect when you go there.

You won’t want to miss this article if Portugal is on your destination wish list. Subscribe now!

Moving Abroad: Where to Start? by Peter Juergens

Isn’t this the question we are all asking ourselves? The prospect of moving abroad can be overwhelming and, in this article, Peter takes us through some of the emotions he experienced while pursuing his residency in Portugal.

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In identifying some of the feelings he’s experienced while making the move, Peter is able to hone into what the first considerations for potential expats should be as they get started on their overseas journey.

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A Decade of Change: Reflections on My Expat Journey by Daniel Wilhelm

If you want to read a truly engaging expat story, you are going to want to read this article. Dan does an amazing job of walking us through the first part of his 10-year expat journey, which started in Nicaragua. He details his rationale (or lack thereof!) for leaving, some advice he received for how to be a successful expat, and some of the mistakes he made along the way.

Whether you are a current or aspiring expat, you are going to love reading Dan’s story, as he has done a tremendous job of illustrating his experiences – both good and bad.

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6 Questions – Expat Series

I absolutely love the 6 Questions – Expat Series articles because they give you real insight from real expats!

This month’s issue features TWO interviews with current expats, an American woman in Panama and a British/American couple in Portugal. You will get the lowdown on how they chose their destinations, why they moved, and more!

Learn the ins and outs of becoming an expat straight from regular people who are living their lives overseas. Subscribe now!

And don’t miss out on these other informative articles!

  • Offshore Banking Institutions: 9 Reasons Why They’ll Remain Popular by Luigi Wewege
  • Living in Mexico while Taking Advantage of Belize by Joel M. Nagel
  • Silver’s Source: The Future of Silver Investments by Rich Checkan
  • From Classrooms to Cliffs: A Tale of Waves, Whiteboards, and a Portuguese Dream by Sam Mason
  • Finding Home Abroad: A Swiss Entrepreneur’s Journey in Portugal by Yannick Gross
  • The Expat Life: Stop Making Excuses, Just Do It! by Holly Peterson
  • Creating a High Trust People First Culture: Part Two by Jack Lannom

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This month’s issue of Escape Artist Insiders magazine, our “Exploring the Unknown” edition, might be my favorite issue of the magazine. Ever.

Why? Because, if you are an aspiring expat like me, toiling away at slowly putting the pieces of your Plan B together, this issue is so aspirational.

You will hear tons of stories from people who are out there living the expat life and learn what drove them to move overseas along with pitfalls they encountered along the way. And, this issue not only shares real expat stories to inspire you, but it also comes packed with information from our offshore experts, helping you to uncover your motivations for wanting to move overseas and identifying potential roadblocks you will need to address before taking the leap.

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LisaLisa is an aspiring expat from Canada who is working to put together her Plan B with a young family in tow. She is excited to pair her lifelong love of writing with her passion for offshore strategies and outside-the box investments in her weekly articles for Escape Artist readers. Follow this “rebel with a cause” as she walks the path less traveled and shares her experiences along the way.
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