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Ecuador – towards a more just society

The Daily Brief – Ecuador Leads Latin America in Favor of a More Just Society

In another move aimed at improving regional justice, Ecuador took the lead position in urging Latin American nations to create a unified regional agenda consolidating territorial policies in favor of a more just society.  The initiative from Ecuador was sent via Ana Maria Larrea, Under Secretary of Planning, while appearing before the Regional Conference on Population and Development for Latin American and the Caribbean.

The official report presented focused on proper management of the region and, specifically, Ecuador.  Larrea emphasized that encouraging progress could be shown in terms of eradicating poverty in Ecuador, as well as the region.  Still, the sobering report also acknowledged the future challenge ahead, as 20% of the world’s population, receives 83% of total global income, with Latin America containing 10 of the 15 most unequal countries in the world.

Oddly enough, such market inequities is what makes Ecuador such an attractive value for investment and expat purposes, but the long-term growth and evolution of the region calls for a continuation of the current progress towards greater equity and socio-economic justice.  As Larrea dutiful noted, “What are at risk are our population’s human right [and] our commitment must increase in the region to build more harmonious and fair societies.”

With respect to the efforts made within Ecuador, specifically, in terms of public policy application, the National Plan for Good Living was emphasized as setting a good regional example, to attain the enviable goals of poverty reduction, equal access to basic services, and the overall reduction in the percentage of inequality among the population.  The Ecuador model was set forth as providing an imperative regional impetus to spur on greater justice, viable government policies and fair societies build upon a “Good Living” model.

In fact, the Ecuadorian model on matters of population and development has been previously noted by several recognized authorities. This trend continued as the Economic Committee before which the Ecuador report was presented congratulated the country’s progress on matters of protection of rights and on integrated services for families.  A far different “ground zero” regional response to the initiatives of President Correa and Ecuador than what is often offered in the Western press.

While not devaluing the ever important “human value initiatives” of such policies and progress, it would be irresponsible for us not to share and opine on the more pragmatic matter, of these policy changes and the future implications for expats considering Ecuador as their next home.  A deeper look at a global historical context will show that often economies at the nexus of past injustice and future hope, provide the best combination of immediate value, coupled with long-term growth prospects.  The investor’s dream scenario: great value, with a growth “kicker” to boot!

Regional Conference on Population and Development for Latin American and the Caribbean..  I recognize, for example, the USA as being similarly positioned on the cusp of the Industrial Revolution.  While Ecuador’s more modest population will not be able to replicate equivalent economic dynamics, it is certainly well positioned to offer immediate value for today’s investor, coupled with the strong likelihood of powerful future investment growth.  If your vision of being an expat includes a consideration of investment opportunity, Ecuador’s leadership position in developing a model of social and economic justice should serve to attract your attention and consideration as an ideal expat haven.

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