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Colombiatex Colombiamoda – The Colombian Fashion Industry

Some might say that Fashion is king in Colombia but perhaps it would be better said that Colombia is the reigning Fashion Queen in Latin America and Colombiatex is one of the two annual, major fashion events organized by Inexmoda, the Colombian institute for exports and fashion. Actually Colombiatex of the Americas is the most important business center for the textile industry in all of Latin America.  It gathers together all  business segments of the garment industry and it is the tradeshow where national and international brands initiate their distribution  in Latin America.

This year it is expected that there will be over 32,000 fashion professionals attending the show being held at the Plaza Mayor in Medellin.  There will be 9,600 m2 of exhibition space with 8,400 domestic and 500 exhibitors from Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, India, Italy,  Portugal and Spain, just to mention a few.  Add to this mix 1,750 international buyers from 28 countries and Medellin will be the mini United Nations of fashion between January 21 and 23, (2014).

Supported by the Municipality of Medellin and Proexport Colombia, the government agency that promotes investment, trade and tourism the organizers hope to generate over 150 million dollars worth of business opportunities. Events such as Colombiatex are meant to aid Colombian products to gain more exposure internationally.

There are more than 450 manufacturers of textiles and approximately 10,000 companies manufacturing garments in Colombia. These companies and designers produce equipment, finished products, raw textiles and materials.  Colombia has the third largest textile industry in Latin America. Colombiatex will showcase designers,  fibre distributors, leather suppliers, textile manufacturers, chemicals and machinery for the fashion industry.

One of the guests at Colombiatex of the Americas 2014 will be the Pacific Alliance .  Colombia is working on an agreement with Chile, Mexioc and Peru to position themsleves   as a bloc in the world market , leveraging the competitive advantages of each country. The goal is to have a greater connection to negotiate among themselves and to unite to develop projects for  other countries.  Colombia’s 13 international free trade agreements alone have contributed to an increased demand for textiles over the past 10 years. In the last decade, this industry has grown at a rate of 8.4 percent per year.

The theme of this years show is ”Transcending Boundaries”. Carlos Eduardo Botero Hoyos, the CEO Inexmoda stated thatit is time for the Fashion Industry to act to find new ways to appeal to the consumer in surprising ways. He went on to say that the shopping experience goes beyond just the selection and purchasing of goods and that businesses within the industry must unite to work, think and promote their initiatives.

This year the fair once acknowledges the role of  Jeans within the industry and January 22 will be Denim Day where the visitors to the show are invited to wear their best of their denim wardrobe.

The academic portion of the show is sponsored by the Knowledge Pavilion Inexmoda – UPB. This space is used to make information and training available for academics, designers, entrepreneurs, journalists and students among others working within the Fashion Industry. It is possible to participate online and there is hope to reach at least 15,000 participants.

Isn’t it time you transcended the borders and headed to Medellin ? Add Colombiamoda to your travel schedule, July 22-24, 2014 and attend one of the most beautiful shows on earth !

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