facebook Colombian Soccer Superstar Creates his own Cryptocurrency

Colombian Soccer Superstar Creates his own Cryptocurrency

Every four years, everything the world is doing comes to a halt to enjoy one major event, the FIFA World Cup. While Americans might not be too familiar with the tournament, (we didn’t even qualify this year, the rest of the world goes crazy.

It’s impossible to turn on the Television or search for something online without seeing ads or someone commenting on the upcoming event. So it was only natural that someone would have the idea to marry the Cryptocurrency craze with the World Cup phenomenon.

The blockchain platform SelfSell reported on Tuesday, May 22 its alliance Colombian soccer player James Rodríguez about introducing a cryptocurrency with the soccer superstar as the name and image.

The announcement of the new cryptocurrency was made during the Blockshow 2018 in Berlin, one of the most important spaces for the trade of digital currencies. There, SelfSell CEO Li Yuan showed a video of James inviting his followers to buy the JR10s.

According to Li, James Rodriguez’s cryptocurrency is completely safe. Blockchain technology became known thanks to bitcoins, but above all because it allows the creation of safe and tradable currencies.

SelfSell is an individual fundraising platform that gives financial support to young people by strengthening and monetizing their talents with their personal brand. Users create a profile where they describe their skills and can receive financial support with the cryptocurrency for student subsidies and other expenses.

By launching the “JR10 Token”, James will be much more than an ambassador for the coin he will become the creator of his own brand and will be able to control it. It will be a new way to build Rodriguez’s personal brand image thanks to the blockchain system.

SelfSell released a short manual explaining how everyone can buy the JR10 token. One of the ways in which you can acquire the cryptocurrency associated with the Colombian is by buying Bitcoin or Ethereum and then trading it for a JR10 crypto.

James Rodriguez is a young soccer player from Colombia who has already proved to be on par with the rest of his teammates at the Bayern Munchen squad in Germany. James is considered to be one of the greatest soccer players right now and all eyes will be on him at the World Cup.

The JR10 Token, name that was given to the cryptocurrency, can be purchased starting next June 12 only via the SelfSell app available in the App Store and Play Store and is expected to be featured in many other places.

However, this past May 27 there was already an extremely successful pre-sale. In less than 12 seconds the crypto coins that were put in presale were sold out. This almost unprecedented for a new cryptocurrency.

James Rodriguez becomes the first soccer player to have a coin named after him, but aftConsumer Resource Guideer the amazing success the coin has had without even being released there are sure more to follow his footsteps.

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According to James Rodriguez he reached an agreement with the company SelfSell to launch a cryptocurrency that will serve as a means to reflect the values ​​of its brand and its relationship with his fans.

SelfSell is also looking for soccer clubs to consider cryptocurrencies as a payment option and through this way expand to different sections of the world that are not familiar to crypto. Soccer is by far the most famous and watched sport in Latin America and Europe.

In addition to this, the currency can also be used in a variety of scenarios for the benefit of sponsors, media, football clubs and other relevant stakeholders, and become a new engine to grow the global soccer market.

The virtual currency will also benefit the followers of the Colombian soccer player, who will be able to access soccer tickets, souvenirs, as well as opportunities to participate in the activities offered by James’s fan club.

Based on the concept of “Value yourself, Value Your Future”, SelfSell wants to create the world’s first platform of crypto assets based on a human being. The company believes that people should have the same rights to launch their own cryptocurrency as a company does.

The World Cup hasn’t even started yet, but we are beginning to see the major impact it will have in the upcoming weeks. James Rodriguez having his own cryptocurrency is huge and is expected to substantially grow the crypto market.

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