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Coastal Teak Plantation Takes Root in Nicaragua

Even the mighty teak tree, known for its outstanding durability and rare natural properties, has to start somewhere. In this case, Nicaragua’s newest teak plantation has been planted at Gran Pacifica Beach & Golf Resort and shows a lot of promise for Nicaragua timber industry. The seeds received plenty of sunlight and water as they were gently planted in the nursery, where they will begin their life before being transplanted to their final parcels. Forestry engineer Harvin Gomez headed up the multi-step process necessary to ensure the trees’ healthy growth. As the trees mature, they will develop resistance to fire, rot, and insects, but first, require a well-tended nursery to gain a strong foothold.

The teak tree is a fast-growing, tropical hardwood best known for its applications in boat construction and outdoor furnishings. This is due to the natural water resistance imparted by the oil present in teak wood, which increases in quantity with age and protects the tree from environmental threats during its lifetime. For now, the seeds are nestled in alluvial soil that meets optimum growing criteria and are protected from excess sun which could damage the trees when they first sprout. Eventually, the black cover will be removed, and 50,000 little teak trees will begin absorbing the full radiation of the sun.


Teak in Nicaragua

It’s hard to believe, just looking at the seeds prior to planting, that in 25 years there will be thousands of teak trees worth millions of dollars on this site. That’s the beauty of teak as an asset. How do you start a plantation? That’s exactly it, you plant. And for the next 25 years, the trees will receive Nicaragua’s 330 days of sun per year, enjoy plenty of water during the rainy season, and draw their vital nutrients from Gran Pacifica’s fertile soil. At 25 years, the trees are cut, sold, and replanted for another cycle. And if the stock market crashes during those 25 years? The trees keep growing. Economic growth stagnates worldwide? Doesn’t slow down the growth of the teak.

Now, when some people hear about teak as an investment they say, “Isn’t it actually high risk? What if someone cuts down the trees?” That is a real concern, which is why it’s important to work with an experienced plantation owner who has invested in security and expert management. Those two factors are vitally important considerations when trying to grow a healthy, successful teak plantation. Yes, sometimes even more important than the environmental conditions.

Luckily for anyone trying to get in on the ground floor, which is itself a rare opportunity, the teak plantation at Gran Pacifica enjoys 24/7 security provided by an internationally renowned security firm. Using advanced RFID technology, the professional security assigned to the plantation are able to track each individual tree from its first few years of growth all the way to its final delivery at the mill. This provides peace of mind almost unprecedented in the timber industry. Not to mention, the plantation at Gran Pacifica is on the same property as a booming residential and beach resort community, meaning that you can stay in luxury accommodations when you come to visit your teak trees.


Nicaragua Timber Industry

While the timber industry is nothing new, it’s always been a favorite investment of the top 1%, the opportunity being offered at Gran Pacifica truly and Nicaragua Timber Industry is unique. As mentioned above, the trees keep growing, no matter what. And that means their value does as well. Gran Pacifica is giving the average investor the chance to get in at the very beginning and maximize the trees’ growth potential, an opportunity usually reserved for corporate investors and insiders. Each year, the price of entry will increase. That is if there are still teak parcels remaining after the first year.  Watch the value of your investment grow year after year, and physically touch your trees as they grow from saplings into the mighty teak used for boat decks and heirloom furniture.

In a world of electronic transactions and increasingly impenetrable and complex systems, many have set their sights on tangible, hard assets. The prudence in this decision is reflected in many ways, the greatest of which is the security provided by real, tangible assets. The land on which the trees are planted is deeded to you, it will always be there. Another benefit that comes along with that deed is the opportunity to become a Nicaraguan resident, giving you a “Plan B” should things really turn sour in your home country. If you desire a more secure future for yourself or your children, you owe it to yourself to consider an investment in teak. There will never be a better time to purchase your own personal plantation.


In-demand, yet of dwindling supply in the marketplace, Teak is a remarkably valuable hardwood that is extremely durable, practical, and beautiful. To learn more about this opportunity please watch this special presentation by Rachel Jensen and Mikkel Thorup.

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