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Coastal Ecuador Part 2

Build and they will come – part 2

       The government of Ecuador is preparing for an onslaught. It may evolve slowly but there is an understanding that ´´they´´ are coming. It is something that the government can´t and doesn´t want to stop. I can´t say that I have ever seen a country prepare so well. They have built it and the tourists will come to coastal Ecuador.

Up the coast from Salinas this has become obvious as  almost every little town is preparing. There are new sidewalks, new roads, new beach fronts/ malecons.

La Libertad, a larger city that butts onto Salinas is better prepared than its neighbour.  They are planting palm trees along their main road. The boardwalk or malecon is one of the loveliest that I have seen. A few hundred thousand can buy you a home right on the front row. Are you looking to build a big house  or hotel – 500,000 K  can buy you a front row lot of 2,000 m2. The time to buy is now !  Why ? La Libertad has been home to a large refinery. This would be a deterrent to many. The good news it is being moved and by 2016 it will be kilometers up the coast. By that time, you can bet you won´t be buying in at today´s prices.


Are you looking for that quaint fishing village, situated perfectly in a protective cove, then let me introduce you to Ayangue.  It is almost guaranteed you will fall in love with this place.

Now try to imagine Katmandu meets surf city. Montañita is a place unlike any that I have ever been or could even have imagined. It is something that perhaps Hollywood could have dreamed up for one of their wacky beach movies but this place is real – maybe surreal,  nevertheless it  is the surf capital of the Ecuadorean coast.

Opportunities abound along this coast.  Development exists but in many ways it is like California or Florida in the 1950´s or early 1960´s . Very soon we will be offering a program to up to 35 of our  readers for a personalized, hands on examination of interesting investments in this stunningly beautiful and diverse area of Ecuador. If you would like to have advance notice of this event please fill in the form below.


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