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How to Buy Bitcoin with Your IRA

Are you considering investing your IRA in Bitcoin? Do you need a quick bump in your retirement account and think you’re ready to invest in cryptocurrency or ICOs? Here’s to buy Bitcoin with your IRA or any other crypto transaction.

First, note that we do not sell Bitcoin or cryptocurrency. We are in the business of forming offshore structures, including offshore IRA LLCs. We make money setting up your structure, not on the transaction and don’t earn a commission on your crypto transactions.

Now, let’s get to buying Bitcoin in your retirement account:

Because US custodians won’t allow you to buy Bitcoin with your IRA, you first must move your savings into an offshore wallet. And the only way to get your IRA offshore is by setting up an offshore IRA LLC.

I should point out that buying Bitcoin with your IRA is very risky. Only those who have done their homework and truly understand the coin market should bet their retirement accounts.

Once you take your IRA offshore, you’re in total control. You make the investments. You write the checks. You decide when to buy and sell. There’s no one to tell you what to do. You’re out there on your own controlling the investments of your portfolio. If you make money, great. If you lose, there’s no one to blame.

So, if you’re confident in your ability to manage your account, here’s how to buy Bitcoin with your IRA.

  • Form an Offshore IRA LLC.
  • You’re set up as the manager of the LLC,
  • Open an offshore bank account for that LLC (you’re signor on the bank account),
  • Move your IRA from your current custodian to one that allows for international investments,
  • Your custodian invests your IRA into the newly formed Offshore IRA LLC’
  • Move some or all of your IRA money into a cryptocurrency wallet, and
  • Buy Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, tokens, or invest in ICOs using your IRA cash.

As I said above, the only way to buy Bitcoin with your IRA is by moving your cash into an offshore wallet. The only way to get your IRA into an offshore wallet is by first setting up an offshore IRA LLC.

This international Limited Liability company should be in an “offshore” jurisdiction. This is a country that won’t tax the profits of the LLC. It should also be one that provides maximum asset protection and privacy.

And the offshore company must be formed in a jurisdiction that allows for single member LLCs. The only member of your LLC will be your IRA account. So, the “member” or “owner” of the LLC is your retirement account. The ownership line of the company would read something like: Midland IRA, Inc. FBO John Smith Account #55-555555555.

In this example, you’re John Smith and Midland IRA is your US custodian. The owner of the LLC is the account, which is held at Midland IRA.

Next, you are installed as the manager of the LLC. You are the signor on the bank and wallet accounts. You’re the one who decides what to do with the money once it’s in the LLC. You’re the professional investment advisor responsible for managing the assets of the LLC for the benefit of the owner, your IRA account.

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I listed the 4th step as moving your account to a US custodian that allows for this type of transaction (investing in an offshore LLC, not buying Bitcoin with your IRA). This is because most custodians don’t allow you to invest abroad. They limit you to the products they sell… very conservative funds that pay them the best commissions.

Only 5 or 6 US custodians allow you to invest offshore. They usually charge a flat rate of $650 per year per account to remain as your custodians and file annual statements with the IRS.

So, you likely need to move your IRA from your current custodian to one that allows for offshore investments. And, yes you must always have a US custodian for your US IRA. US tax law requires you have a US custodian, even if 100% of your account is invested abroad.

Once the cash is at a willing custodian, that agent makes one and only one investment. He invests your retirement account into the LLC we created for you. This is the only transaction the custodian is involved in and the only transaction reported on your IRS forms.Consumer Resource Guide

Once the cash is in the LLC, you manage it as you see fit. You can buy real estate, cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, or invest in ICOs. All gains and losses will flow back into your retirement account tax free (ROTH) or tax deferred (traditional IRA).

Of course, you must follow all the US rules. You can’t borrow from the account, can’t buy life insurance or artwork, can’t buy real estate and live in it (rentals are fine), etc. The most important rule is to treat the account as a professional advisor would or should.

This is to say, you must manage the account in the best interest of the retirement account, and you should stay within the lines. We can review these rules with you in more detail once the structure is create.

I hope you’ve found this article on how to buy Bitcoin in your IRA to be helpful. For more information, please contact me at info@premieroffshore.com or call us at (619) 550-2743. All consultations are free and confidential. We’ve been helping clients move their retirement savings offshore since 2000 and will be happy to work with you.

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