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Best Workplaces in Paraguay

Best Workplaces in Paraguay

If you want to come to Paraguay to find a great job and make a living off it you should do your homework before coming to Paraguay to make sure you and your family can live comfortably on the money you are earning here. There are many qualified people in Paraguay looking for a job and what would be a high-end job in the USA like a lawyer or doctor will only pay about USD 3000.00 in Paraguay. Nevertheless, life is much cheaper and people are friendly, so if think you can raise your family on a Paraguayan salary here is a list of the best workplaces in Paraguay published by Great Place to Work®, a global human resources consulting, research and training firm specializing in organizational trust.


Great Place to Work (http://www.greatplacetowork.net) publishes the ranking of the Best Workplaces in Paraguay since 2009, using the same methodology than in the rest of the world, using the same methodology as for its other lists, by surveying employees about the confidence level and the quality of the relationships that exist between them and management and evaluating policies and business practices.


1. DHL

83 employees


Industry: Transportation – Package Transport

Ownership: Private


2. Monsanto

39 employees


Industry: Manufacturing & Production – Chemicals

Ownership: Private


3. Mapfre

110 employees


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Industry: Financial Services & Insurance

Ownership: Private


4. British American Tobacco

27 employees


Industry: Manufacturing & Production

Ownership: Private



89 employees


Industry: Telecommunications

Ownership: Private



1346 employees


Industry: Telecommunications

Ownership: Private


7. Villa Morra Shopping

32 employees


Industry: Construction & Real Estate

Ownership: Private



498 employees


Industry: Financial Services & Insurance

Ownership: Private


Should one of the companies employ you, you will need a work permit issued by the immigration authorities. Your employer can sponsor you for the length of your contract and help with the application for a work permit in Paraguay. You will be asked to supply supporting documentation like your CV, copies of your educational achievements, and proof of your work history. Please note that each time your contract expires or you change jobs you need to get an entirely new work permit with your new employer as a sponsor. The permit is tied to the length of your contract with the employer that sponsored you, and it is also limited to a specific employer.

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