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An Intimate Tour Through the South of France

While most people who have never been to Europe before may think of Paris as their initial destination, to learn about the French people and culture remember to include ‘paths not taken’ into your travel plans and venture into the more intimate and amazing places France has to offer.

Linda, the editor of a reputable travel website, went on a more personal journey touring the South of France. In her account of this short tour, Linda writes of the wonderful week she spent touring the regions of Arles, Vichy and the Cevennes, taking her time to explore every place and most of all, to enjoy life by delighting in the exquisite and intimate lodgings she stayed in and stories of the unique French cuisine that she tried.

Her experience is definitely not like what the average tourist will most commonly experience themselves, since she takes a far calmer and contemplative approach to touring the south of France, discovering great museums (like the The Réattu Museum is Arles’ musée des beaux arts, which contains 57 Picasso drawings for example), taking cooking lessons, and looking for restaurants in places where only locals go, while choosing specifically off-season dates in order to have an even quieter and more enjoyable experience.

Take a tour to the South of France with Linda Thalman is director WebFrance International, editor of the Paris In Sites Newsletter, and editor of Volterre – Fr English and French Language.

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