facebook Alternative Ways for Travelers to Admire the Natural World

Alternative Ways for Travelers to Admire the Natural World

Spring is almost here, so you should feel the urge to start traveling again. Nothing compares to that feeling of freedom you get when you are on the road, ready to discover new destinations and their secrets. The natural world offers us an endless and unparalleled spectacle which must be seen to be believed. Let’s look at some of the more unique and alternative destinations for travelers to experience the natural world at its most breathtaking.

Experience Mother Nature During an Organized Trip to the Nordic Countries

Are you ready to engage in outdoor adventure in countries like Finland, Sweden, and Norway? You can visit these countries in spring, summer, and winter, because there is always a lot to discover there. Engaging in wild expeditions will give you new thrills and change your perspective on the unparalleled spectacle of the natural world.

If you wish to travel in summer, you can experience the best canoe and kayaking sessions on rivers and lakes located among archipelago islands. The Nordic countries offer tourists the chance of a lifetime to travel on self-built log rafts and hike in mountain and forest regions. You can relax in a log cabin at the end of your day filled with adventure. You can also choose a yurt or a tree house as your place of accommodation.

Alternative Ways for Travelers to Admire the Natural World

The Arctic Adventure in the Kingdom of the Polar Bear – Churchill, Canada

If you are currently planning a late fall holiday spent in nature, and in a unique manner, we recommend the arctic family adventure in Churchill, Canada. You will spend an idyllic time there and get inspired by the magic of the local frozen tundra. Just imagine yourself experiencing the other side of the world in a helicopter, dog sledding, or searching for polar bears.

If you wish to turn up the fun, you can also consider a cultural interaction with Churchill locals. Did you know that they live in this amazing fur-trading outpost all throughout the year? This location has even become known as the Polar Bear Capital of the World. Wild bears and other animals there seem to have found the perfect way of living together in harmony.  All in all, a trip to Churchill will become the most exciting adventure that you have ever lived.

Drive Yourself to the Wild Side of the World: New Adventure in Zambia

When it comes to Mother Nature and great adventures, we have one more location to mention today: Zambia. Yes, this is the new perfect land for DIY safaris. Who said that everything needs to be perfectly organized to have a great time during your trip? You can now come up with your own wild safari itinerary and experience the wilderness exactly as you want to.

You can engage in a customized road trip beneath the magnificent blue skies of Zambia. You can hunt wild animals and discover uncharted territory in the wilderness by day. When night comes, you can recharge your batteries by pitching a tent under the stars.

Alternative Ways for Travelers to Admire the Natural World

Zambia offers you everything you need for a wild experience. You will have the chance to face wild animals and feel the adrenaline of crossing through their natural habitat. Also, you will be amazed to discover how locals there have not changed their original lifestyle and do not need technology to be happy.

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