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A Real Account of Living and Working in Paris

Many have considered moving to Paris, one of the most romantic and culturally-rich cities in the world. But for many, this is just a dream, and for those who venture it and decide to take the leap, the risks can be high indeed. But maybe the riskiest part of it all is not having a proper plan and the necessary advice to use as a guide. In fact, there are very few success stories about it that are real and current, but Adrian’s is definitely one of the best out there. Like most people who visit France, Adrian fell in love with Paris the minute she arrived. So much so that she made a habit of visiting Frances every year. However, unlike most people who fall in love with Paris, Adrian decided to do something about it, and she literally changed her life by moving to Paris.

In her excellent account of her experience on her first three years there, she tells us about how each of those years marked an important stage in her life in Paris. She tells us about moving there and learning the language and the culture, she also makes us witnesses of the hardships she faced when trying to find a job, and then she tells us about what she did that worked for her.

Adrian recounts all of this with a great sense of humor in a story packed with helpful advice and resources for anyone considering moving to the eternally famous “City of Lights.

Adrian had this to say:

You need a “carte de séjour visiteur” just to stay here legally more than 3 months, and you can’t get that unless you apply for it long before you come, fill out all the forms in eight (by hand, no copies allowed) and get the seal of approval from the French government by proving you can support yourself here without working!


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