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6 Attractive Countries to Consider Starting a Business


Singapore is one of the ten least corrupt countries in the world, it ranks first in terms of competitiveness, and is recognized as one of the richest in terms of population income. Singapore is famous for its stability, but there are no natural resources in this country and stability is achieved by other methods.

The rules of doing business here are simple and understandable. Largely thanks to this, Singapore is one of the world’s major business centers. The country is included in dozens of best for doing business according to versions of different ratings. The World Bank has given Singapore the first place in Doing Business for several years in a row. All this is due to one of the most perfect and fair taxation systems, the introduction of a large number of innovations and a low level of government intervention in the economy. The tax rate for profits in this island country is 17%. For several years, a single-level system of profit taxation has been applied here, which means that having paid tax on the company’s profit, the shareholder should not pay taxes on the dividends received. One of the most technologically clean and safe countries also offers quite loyal programs for business immigrants. You can become a permanent resident here by living in the country for a working visa for more than six months or by investing in the economy.

New Zealand

New Zealand is a distant and exotic country. New Zealand occupies a leading position in many world ratings of favorable business conditions and quality of life. Territorially separated from the rest of the world, the country is considered one of the most stable. In addition, it is friendly to entrepreneurs who come here to do business. New Zealand has high rates for “personal freedom” and “investor protection,” and the level of corruption, bureaucracy, and state intervention in the economy is near the lowest in the world.

It is better to invest here in tourism and publishing or produce environmentally-friendly and dietary products. You can get citizenship for contributing to the development of the state’s economy. It is worth recalling that New Zealand is regularly recognized as one of the happiest countries with a high level of education and health.


The Government of Ireland attaches great importance to foreign investors: it is possible to attract them thanks to a flexible system of taxation and other financial instruments. During the crisis, the labor force has become cheaper, and the decline in the unemployment rate is not very fast. Salaries are growing slightly, and foreign companies are actively hiring new employees. The state supports non-residents establishing new companies on the territory of the country – they can be provided with grants of up to 25% of the company’s expenses. The income tax resulting from trading activities is paid at a rate of 12.5%.

Ireland is considered one of the main crossroads of trade routes between America and Europe – it’s good for those who produce high-tech goods or provide international services. In Dublin, there are European offices of many large technology corporations, for example Google, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Over the past few years, the leading places in the ratings are occupied by the Scandinavian countries. However, Denmark is almost always ahead because of its attractiveness for doing business with its neighbors. High technology, free trade, and ownership are well developed in this country. Denmark is a tiny state with an open economy well integrated into the European Union. According to experts, it is easy to start a business here – it can be done quickly and at low cost.

The economy of Denmark is considered one of the healthiest in Europe. The country has a low level of inflation and unemployment, and wages are high – while taxes are also high. But there is practically no corruption.


This year, Portugal is among the top 20 countries in the world to conduct business in according to Bloomberg, thanks to low costs for starting a business and quite high economic integration. The procedure for registering a company in Portugal in terms of the number of legal and administrative formalities required is much simpler than in other countries – even easier than in neighboring Spain. In part, this is due to the country’s lower level of economic development. Tax rates are also relatively low here.

To restore the country’s economy after the crisis in early 2013, the government simplified the conditions of the program for obtaining a residence permit for foreign investors. To get a residence permit in this country, you need to invest in the economy at least 1 million euros for five years or create a company with at least 10,000 jobs. In five years, you can get citizenship. The most developed sectors of Portugal’s economy are agriculture, forestry and the fishing sector. The country is also famous for its textile and tanning products and wine. Thanks to the flow of tourists, the service industry is well developed.


It’s easy to start a small business and stay there forever. Not only a pleasant climate and exotic nature attracts people to immigrate to Brazil, but also the government of the country. Brazil offers loyal programs for business immigration: residence permits, and then citizenship can be obtained by investing $ 50,000 in the economy – although it is estimated that an average of $ 80,000 will be needed to open an enterprise in Brazil.

The most traditional Brazilian business is meat. Another popular area of ​​activity is planting forests. The government has set low prices for land and lends on preferential terms to promote the development of this niche. Brazil is not popular with compilers of world ratings. Experts call the tax system here complicated, and the judicial system is corrupt. Nevertheless, business immigrants are loved here, and the developing market for starting a business can be more favorable than European and American, where young companies have to face tough competition from local players.

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