Setting up Utilities in Costa Rica - Living in Costa Rica

Setting up Utilities in Costa Rica

Establishing Utility Service in Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, all of the major service utilities (gas, water, electricity) are handled by a state-owned group called CRgas.  The company maintains offices in 5 of the larger cities in Costa Rica.  If you are renting/leasing a house, the service utilities would be in the name of the landlord and priced as part of your monthly rent.  If you are purchasing your own property, then you need to go in person to one of the regional offices and establish new service with a monetary deposit (usually about $300 US) and your passport.

There is no land-line cable television service.  For television, you have two over-the-air stations and otherwise would need to contract DirecTV or use an internet video service like Hulu.

Telephone service is by a national entity named Costatel.  Provisioning a new line can take several weeks, so be sure to check if there is a line in place for a rental property or plan ahead if you are purchasing a house.

Internet service can be DSL provided through the phone company or satellite internet (very expensive) through a service like HughesNet.

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