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Sea Shepard Paul Watson on Costa Rican Radio

Paul Watson is the Robin Hood of the ocean. The man who sets out in defence of the deep blue sea. His ideals are simple. If the ocean can not survive, then humans can not survive. Paul Watson is the captain of the Sea Shepard which makes it’s rounds around our blue marble stepping in where governments and NGO’s lack the strength or will to protect our oceans.

Back in 2002 Pual Watson and the Sea Shepard were charged with attempted murder on a Costa Rican shark finner and Watson has been on the run from the Costa Rican government ever since. Many have criticized the Costa Rican government for charging Watson for attempted murder when his ultimate goal was the attempt to protect the oceans.

If you find the environment interesting and want to learn more from one of the most ruthless activist on the planet then tune into rainforestradio.com 960AM at 12 noon this Wednesday June 26 2013. Paul Watson will be updating the public on his charges from Costa Rica. He will also talk about the recent murder of a turtle activist Jairo Mora in Limon and how he has pledged $30,000′s for the capture of the culprit.

Whether you believe in the Sea Shepard’s outlaw-ish tactics or not this should be an interesting show to listen to. If you miss the show just look it up on the www.rainforestradio.com website.

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