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Top 3 Tips for Successful Lead Generation 

Top 3 Tips for Successful Lead Generation 

Every company knows that lead generation is critical to the future of their business. Now, more than ever, with the pandemic affecting the global economy, utilizing the most relevant and tested tips to improve lead generation ROI. In this article, I will be delivering the top tips by the lead gen experts to ensure your leads convert.

Let’s dive in. 

1: Local SEO for Lead Generation

Award-winning SEO company and lead generation agency, PearlLemonLeads, mention local SEO as one of the easiest ways to bring convertible leads. Let’s take a look at how local SEO according to PearlLemonLeads and other experts aids in effective lead generation. Here are the top tips you can do now:

  1. Improve your sites internal links 
  2. Optimize URL, title tags, headers, meta descriptions, and content 
  3. Having a 100% responsive site 
  4. Engaging customers on social media
  5. Consistent and updated location pages on Google My Business 

Using an SEO agency to optimize each of these elements will drastically improve your reach to your local community, an area where statistics prove are the most searched inquiries. Local search engine marketing also drives traffic and conversions. 


2: SEM and Social Media 

Many companies are frustrated that all of their attempts at public relations don’t provide much ROI. Instead, there are tried and true tactics that will increase leads. Here are the top strategies that lead generation agencies will use:

  • News media – guest appearances, news stories, guest appearances on TV, radio and podcasts, awards, and media training 
  • Social media – content is one of the best ways to reach your target audience
  • Ads – high-ranking ads will bring in leads that are already interested 

If you don’t have a social media strategy and paid advertising in place get to it immediately. By outsourcing your SEM you can expect to see phenomenal growth and high rankings on SERPs.


3: Use the Tools that Work 

There are so many available tools out there that promise thousands of leads and traffic but the truth is very few can actually deliver. This is why knowing which tools you can rely on is critical for your budget and time. Here are my favourite tools that can help build your local lead generation:

  • HubSpot Marketing – with real-time SEO suggestions, the HubSpot Hub offers an incredible suite of tools. You will have access to better promotion, the ability to personalize your branding and messaging and add CTAs that will engage and convert your traffic. 
  • Google Search Console – understanding where and how your customers engage is very powerful information that you can translate into money. Invaluable insights from your keywords, phrases, and how your visitors interact, will help you create the content they want 
  • OptinMonster – one of my all-time favourite tools for SEO they have a conversion toolkit that can generate leads, get more subscribers, and sales. It also offers helpful analytics so you can constantly tailor your message 


Take Away 

If you need a major boost in your lead generation (and who doesn’t) don’t put it off any longer. Choosing a lead generation agency will save you time and significant cost. A reliable and recognized company that specializes in lead generation can take your business to the next level. 

I hope you got value from reading: Top 3 Tips for Successful Lead Generation 

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