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So, You Want to Retire Somewhere Else?

The thought passes through the minds of thousands.  But in reality, there are wants, wishes, and utopian ideals. Only a few actually retire somewhere else.  

The question one must ask is, “Why do so few people retire overseas when the benefits are so great?”  From the United States, about one percent of people over 65 have left the country for other parts.

Why Do So Few Depart?

Discussing the issue with retirees suggests two reasons.  The first, many say they will miss their grandchildren. The second, many people cannot get beyond their fears.

The Grandchildren

Each person must evaluate their family dynamics.  Is this just an emotional thought, or are you really needed for your grandchildren?  You spent all those years raising your kids. When does it become your time to have some freedom?

If you have an honest chat with your kids or evaluate your lifestyle with them today, you may find that you are not wanted all the time.  Or, your time actually spent with the grandkids does not take that much time out of your life.

Moving overseas, think of the quality of life you may have.  This includes the money left in your pocket each month, and the fun time you can have going back to visit the grandkids, or having them coming regularly to visit you.  Just think how they would enjoy the beaches in some exotic location where you get to live all year.

Getting Beyond The Fear

This is a huge one.  Moving within your own country can be a daunting task.  Moving to someplace beyond your borders, adds a level of complexity many people do not want to think about.  But, having made a couple of international moves already, and a third now in the offering, I can speak with some experience.  Once you get beyond the fears and with proper planning, a move overseas can go off “smooth as silk.”

Why Do You Want to Retire Somewhere Else?

First, is the question, “why do you want to retire somewhere else?”  

  1.    Is it out of a sense of adventure?  
  2.    Is it to improve your standard of living and have the opportunity for better health?  
  3.    Is it to get out of the rut you are in?

Plan a move to some exotic location, and you can possibly accomplish all three.

How to Choose Where to Live?

Where may you like to live when you retire?  That is the sixty-four-thousand-dollar question.  Tour the internet, and there are 100’s of websites with suggestions.  One that I have found to be the best for researching the subject is Escape Artist.  The site is loaded with information that can provide you with an overview of many exotic places people can go to retire.

When we began thinking about where to retire, my wife and I wrote out our list of things to address.  Here is our list:

  1.    Why do we want to retire elsewhere?  
  2.    What is our limit for hours to travel to visit our family?
  3.    What is a list of countries we may consider?
  4.    What is the cost of living in exotic locations?
  5.    What is the quality of healthcare?
  6.    What quality of life is available?

Our Responses

We want to retire elsewhere for a sense of adventure, to raise our standard of living and to get out of the rut we live in.  Living in Vancouver, Canada is effortless. But, it is costly, it is cold and wet in the winter, and we are in a rut. Having traveled to many countries and lived in a couple for extended periods, we know the benefits living elsewhere can bring to our lives.

Considering the limit to travel, we looked at Asia and spent one month in Thailand.  It is a beautiful country, inexpensive, has a good expat private health system and could significantly improve our quality of life.  As well, in places such as Koh Samui and Chang Mai, there are significant resources to help expats.

The significant disadvantage, for us, to living in Thailand, is the 40-hour trip to travel back to visit family or in the event of some emergency.  

We considered Panama, Ecuador, Spain, and Italy.  For various reasons, these were eliminated. For us, these did not work, but they could be perfect for you.  

In the end, we selected Portugal.  Visiting there, it easy to understand why Portugal is consistently in the top ten countries in the world to retire.  For us, Portugal is favorable for all of our considerations.

Close to Being on Our Way

Now that we have decided where to live, the detailed planning begins to make our move smooth.   There are many issues to address and the information at Escape Artist is helping us to sort things out.

Many countries are open and encourage retirees to relocate with some exceptional residency programs.  Check out all the information on Escape Artist, and do not let fear get in your way of an exciting new life living somewhere else.

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Author Bio:

Wayne Drury is a business person, a traveler.  He has a passion for writing, which he feeds by writing for select clients. A retired CEO, Drury is adept at writing for any business subject.  With more than 1,500 engagements under his belt, contact Drury if you want quality writing that is on your mark. Drury can be contacted by reaching out below:


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