facebook Retiring in Ontario? Consider Life in a Smaller Community

Retiring in Ontario? Consider Life in a Smaller Community

Retiring in Ontario? Consider Life in a Smaller Community

When it comes time for you to retire and to begin enjoying this new chapter in your life, you may want to consider moving to a smaller community. If you are not particularly attached to the hustle and bustle of the big city, relocating to a small town or even a rural community can come with a lot of benefits. Ontario has many small towns such as Owen Sound, Peterborough, and Collingwood shown in the photo above. Although these towns are smaller, they thriving economies, plenty of culture to soak in and access to a wide variety of different leisure activities.

First, let’s examine practical reasons why this move would make sense. It is much more economical as the cost of living in such communities is lower. The price of a nice condominium, a bungalow or even a house will be a fraction of a similar property in the big city. This means that your life savings can be stretched out for a longer time and allow you to live in greater comfort and even luxury. Many of these smaller towns are constantly in development which means that there are also opportunities for great investments as new residential developments and new small businesses are always coming into play.

Many people choose to relocate to smaller communities in order to get in touch with nature. Being retired provides a lot of time for contemplation, self-discovery and personal growth and many people feel inspired most when they are out in nature. In fact, many city dwellers will take vacations in these same communities for the sole purpose of letting go of the hectic pace of city life and finding true peace of mind in the outdoors. This is also a boon for the locals who benefit from the increased tourism.

Take Owen Sound, for example. It has recently been named as one of the best cities in Canada to retire in. Sitting directly on beautiful Georgian Bay with its 30,000 islands, Owen Sound also has the Bruce Trail passing through town leading the way to the beautiful scenery of the Niagara Escarpment. And for those who occasionally miss the excitement of the big city, Toronto is only a few hours’ drive away.

Retirement often means slowing down a little and enjoying things at your own pace. But free time does not mean idle time. These communities offer you plenty of activities to relax, socialize and learn – walking the trails, fishing, gardening, photography, painting, local theatre, or church communities for all faiths. Living close to in nature presents you with a lot of hobbies which keep you healthy, as well, and you will find inspiration all around you if you are artistically inclined. All of this is enhanced by the great feeling of community you can only find in small towns. It might sound like a cliché, but it will be nice to live somewhere where everyone says “hi” to each other, they help each other out and are always ready to have a conversation.

Retiring in Ontario? Consider Life in a Smaller Community

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