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Places You Should Stay in the Philippines

Surely, your choice of accommodation in the Philippines will be influenced by the length of intended stay and the specific destination. Five-star hotels are obvious but expensive. If you are looking for a more cost-effective environment in the Philippines, some valuable options are listed below.


Budget Hotels

If you are looking to avoid expensive hotels, your next best bet is the budget hotel. There are many brand and non-brand budget hotels in the Philippines. If you are after the basics, such as a bed, toilet, and air-conditioning system, go for a budget hotel. This is a perfect option if you are only staying in the country for a few days.



Budget hotels and hostels are primarily the same; the only difference is their structure. In a budget hotel, occupants are entitled to a private room with private amenities. In hostels, renters are given a bed where they can rest and sleep (sometimes in communal rooms), and the bathrooms are often shared. There are also common areas for dining and leisure. If you are open to the idea of having other people around while you do some work, this is the ideal option.


Condo Rentals

There are two types of rental options in the Philippines. The first is by renting directly from the developer, and the second is by renting directly from the unit owner. Condominiums are the high-end counterpart of apartments. Compared to the latter, though, condo buildings are often found near or in the business districts. One perfect example is The Veranda ARCA South, near Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. The location makes it more convenient for commuting if you plan on staying in the city for a few days, weeks, or up to a month. Also, renters can use the usual amenities in the building, such as the pool and gym.


Bed & Breakfasts

B&Bs, for short, are inns that are dubbed as your home away from home. Don’t be fooled though, because the accommodation often has a resort-type atmosphere. From the name itself, breakfasts are often included in the package.



For long stays, it would be more appropriate to find an apartment. If you wish to stay for more than a year and do some redecorations, you will need permission from the owner. Apartments are usually privately owned. Apartments are typically second homes and are better off being rented than left vacant and unused. More often than not, the apartment has an Airbnb listing. There is no required length of a lease in the Philippines, so you can stay for as long as you and the owner agree upon. However, if you are booking through booking sites, you need to declare the length of stay and pay for it in advance.



Some guesthouses are also second homes. Some are former privately used properties that are converted into guest accommodations. This accommodation is often dorm-type (shareable with other travelers) and mostly suitable for backpackers. The concentration of guesthouses in rural areas is higher than in more urban areas.


As always, these accommodations are reserved on a book-at-your-own-risk basis. Make sure you read the reviews and testimonials so that you won’t feel ripped off in the end.



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