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How Immersive Learning Transforms the Face of Traditional Education

How Immersive Learning Transforms the Face of Traditional Education

Interested in exploring Mars? What about conducting lab experiments or meeting Abraham Lincoln? These and multiple other unimaginable things are now available in the classroom, thanks to immersive learning technologies. Nowadays, students can actually experience the things they learn. Immersive learning brings theory to life through lifelike experiences. It encourages meaningful engagement with the content of classes, which boosts understanding and retention of material. 


Immersive Learning Technologies

Immersive learning leverages technologies to deliver content. Its primary tools are virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR). They have impressive functionality that allows immersing a learner in a digital world:

  • VR creates an entirely artificial digital environment that provides complete immersion. A user can travel around the virtual world and interact with its objects.
  • AR adds virtual objects to a physical world that can be seen through headsets or mobile devices.
  • MR is a combination of VR and AR. It allows users to interact with virtual objects in a real-life environment. 

The extended reality created by VR, AR, and MR technologies is enhanced by wearable devices. They often support gesture recognition and haptic technology as well. In combination, these tools improve a user’s experience, allowing interaction with a virtual world in a new way. 


How Immersive Learning Influences Student Progress and Outcomes

It Promotes Action Learning

Immersive learning supports the concept of learning by doing. According to Dale’s cone of experience, people remember only 10 percent of what they read and 20 percent of what they hear. In contrast, learning from action results in 90 percent retention. That is why it is so important to give students a chance to get hands-on experience. 

Immersive learning does this job. It works well in different contexts, both individual and group assignments. Students get to address real-world problems and take action. The best part is that they can see the consequences of their decisions immediately. This way, immersive learning adds practical analysis and problem-solving training to the learning process. 

It Involves Different Senses

The sensory experience takes learning to a much deeper level. It stimulates different parts of the brain, making classes more memorable. Immersive learning involves all five senses, in particular vision, hearing, and touch. A multisensory experience provides various ways to engage with the material. It helps learners to memorize concepts and form connections between them. As a result, students of different learning styles benefit from it.

It Increases Student Motivation

Immersive learning also influences student motivation and engagement. It enables dynamic mechanics and gaming elements. These factors are extremely important now because catching people’s attention in the world of distractions is a real challenge. Exciting immersive activities encourage learners to dedicate more time to studies. They offer more room for individualization of the learning process and independent exploration. Thus, students become inspired to pursue self-directed learning.

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It Creates Emotional Engagement

Realistic scenarios help students to develop an emotional connection with the content. This way, immersive learning evokes one’s enthusiasm and interest in studies. When students are engaged, they are more willing to take part in learning activities and reach their objectives. Additionally, emotional involvement improves students’ achievements and increases their chances to have higher test scores. It stimulates interest in the content of classes and, as a result, makes students more focused and attentive.

It Offers More Learning Opportunities

Immersive learning improves students’ understanding of the material with more meaningful activities. It transfers classes to the virtual world, where learners interact with the content. Virtual simulation allows students to work with equipment that cannot be available in a traditional classroom setting. 

Teachers can recreate real-life scenarios and problem situations in a safe virtual environment. For instance, students can perform lab experiments or virtual surgeries multiple times. It allows them to develop and try different solutions. One activity can have plenty of versions and interpretations. This accelerates learning and makes it more profound.

It Builds Skills

Immersive learning transforms education in terms of skill-building as well. Outdated learning practices that focus only on the accumulation of academic knowledge are no longer relevant. Instead, we need to focus on practical skills. Immersive learning allows students to improve their problem-solving, decision-making, and critical thinking. Naturally, using technology as a learning tool helps to grow technical competence. Improved skills lead to better performance, which is likely to help students succeed. 

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To Sum Up

Immersive learning has the potential to reimagine education, enhancing teaching and learning strategies. This approach is all about active learning and the practical application of one’s knowledge. Immersive learning creates a rich learning environment with unlimited possibilities. Today, the education sector experiences rapid growth of immersive technologies, which holds many exciting opportunities. 

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