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Highlights of Egypt’s Nile River Cruise Tour

Highlights of Egypt’s Nile River Cruise tour

A trip to the river Nile is a time-honoured way of exploring Egypt. Travellers have been sailing the water of the oldest and longest river in the world for thousands of years, attempting to find the unanticipated attractions of river life as exciting as the pyramids and shrines on a budget. 

River Nile is called Nahr Al Nile in Arabic and because of the river Nile’s historical importance, people all around the globe wish to celebrate the pleasures this trip has in store. As explorers, they book a cruise to see the Nile and experience the exotic connection with nature. This article will give you all the reasons why you should book your Nile cruise now. Here’s what you will experience:

The Karnak Temple, Luxor

Many cruise ship tours begin from the Luxor (the city in Egypt), where the Karnak Temple is. This is presumably your first tourist spot. You will marvel at the choice for its carved wooden pillars, statues, and ceilings, the magnitude of this archaeological site structure creates a sense of eternal strength in the spine tingles-down-your-spine. The main corridor was conceived as the Ancient God of the sun in Egypt, Amun-Re’s worldly residence, and the tomb is the largest and most influential construction ever established. Karnak has a few hugely interesting illustrations like the 134 column table in the hyper style chamber portray palm trees as Egypt’s’ Arab heritage. This starting point will make you want to live in history for a bit and feel the vibe.

Karnak Temple, Luxor

The Main Temple in Luxor

As Egypt has its roots deep soaked in history, you will get to visit a number temples while being there as one of the major temples besides Karnak is the temple in Luxor, with the exception of deities like Mut and Khonsu (recognized as a Theban triad), is often solely devoted to Amun-Re. There are 2 huge sitting statues of Ramses II shown just after the entry gate as he was maybe one of the last period pharaohs who have worked on this historical site. Among the several high visiting points of a tour to this temple is the opportunity to steal a thorough look at the majestic engravings of people applauding, pummeling drum beats, dancing and trying to perform gymnastics, whereas boats are transported to the Nile following the crewmen’s chanted guidelines – the energy of these episodes will shake your soul to look off the windows.

Tomb of Pharaohs, The Valley of Kings

The next stop is the resting place of Egyptian Pharaohs because of all the shocking stories that you have ever heard about Egypt’s monarchy and their hidden riches in a valley which is now referred to as The Kings’ Valley. So by having a visit to this magnificent historic tomb on your way to the Nile, you will get your shot to look at the real chamber for yourself. You may also go to nearby the recently built replication, that was created to alleviate some of the harm that mainstream tourists were doing to the authentic, and for its accuracy and realistic feeling, has already been getting a lot of attention. 


Hieroglyphics, Goddess, Queen, Pharaonic

Temple of Edfu

This Edfu temple will also come in the way to the Nile as it is one of the best-preserved legacies of history with halls to discover, and the internal sanctuary that nevertheless holds the smooth-granite shrine that once hosted Horus ‘ gold-cult idol. All you have to do is try not to miss the courtyard leading to Edfu in a hurry because there is a lot to be seen here, specifically the inscriptions on the walls. Note that the boats’ sail, which is painted jammed if faced in the way to the rhythm flow of the Nile, and further. This big sanctuary in Edfu is attributed to the Falcon God, Horus and throughout the temple, you will notice the pictures of men with the face of a falcon depicting Horus. Back in time, Falcons were idolized and worshiped for not eating the dead so they were labelled virtuous and noble. 

Ancient, Egypt, Edfu, Temple

The Crocodiles’ Shelter, Kom Ombo

This destination comes at the path of the river Nile. A story related to it is that there was a river that seemed to be overly populated with fearsome crocs which stopped people in the area from using the river water for living essentials like washing or cooking. So this temple was a solution to keep these reptiles in here to lessen the fear. When a cruise heads towards the Nile, it just would not have been near to the complete without paying respect to these crocodiles. A tip: You must do just as the ancients of Egypt did at Kom Ombo, a dual monument pledged quarter to Horus and half to the crocs God Sobek, and bow your head. 

We hope this article encourages you to visit Egypt and take a cruise down the Nile River. To book your Nile Cruise today, contact Memphis Tours

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