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Five Questions to Ask About Belize Real Estate

# 1  “What is the Belizean price?”

In Belize, there’s usually a Belize price and a foreigner price.  The story is often told that one’s second house in Belize is twice as nice as the first and costs half as much.

# 2  “Can I ever sell it?”

It’s easy to buy in Belize but sometimes hard to sell.  Remember that the local Belize market is thin, and you’ll most likely have to sell to a foreign buyer.  How many of them are there?

# 3  “What will happen when the next hurricane comes?”

It’s not a matter of if there will be a hurricane, but when.  Is your property likely to be seriously affected?

# 4  “What will happen to my property when I’m not in the country?”

Unless you buy a condo, you can’t just lock up and leave.  You’ll likely come back to a house stripped of everything that can be moved.  You’ll need to hire a caretaker.  Even with a condo, if you’re not there to take care of things yourself, you’re at the mercy of a management association.

#  5  “What happens if the Belize currency is devalued?”

You’re buying with hard currency, but your real estate asset is valued in Belize dollars.

Excerpted from “Five Questions to Ask About Belize Real Estate” in Escape From America Magazine, Issue 4.

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