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My Favorite 5 things to do in Prague

5. Prague Castle


View from Petrin Hill

The complex of buildings that make up Prague Castle sits on a hill overlooking the city. The castle’s historical richness can be seen through its variety of era-specific architectural features. Construction of the castle began in 870 and was not completed until 1929. The castle is now open to the public and houses the President of the Czech Republic. The best way to experience Prague Castle is to take a three-hour tour with Sandeman. This company provides an in-depth narrative of the castle’s history and its role in the Czech Republic’s evolution as a nation. For a small fee, Sandeman will take you to all of the highlights, which include the Mala Strana – the lesser quarter.


4. Charles Bridge at Night


The Charles Bridge is an iconic feature of the city of Prague that dates back to 1357. The bridge was constructed in the Gothic style, making it both intimidating and captivatingly beautiful. Charles Bridge is a great way to travel from the Old Town to the Mala Strana. During the day it is filled with street vendors and musicians. However, it is also packed with shoppers and tourists, making it difficult to enjoy the bridge’s beauty. It is a great idea to experience Charles Bridge at night when it is quiet and illuminated with peaceful lights.


3. Czech Beer


Enjoying a pint of Kozel

The Czech people are known for their ability to make a good, simple beer. While in Prague, I could walk into any bar or restaurant and order the “dark” beer, and the bartender would serve me exactly what I wanted. I don’t know of any other place in the world where that is possible. If you enjoy beer and learning about its history, I recommend that you book a tour while you are in Prague. Sandeman conducts a pub crawl that educates tourists about different styles of beer and where they originate. On the tour we tasted the famous Pilsner Urquell from Pilsen. We drank the delicious Pilsner from a keg that was brewed only six hours prior to its consumption. That’s fresh! My favorite beer was the dark beer brewed by Kozel.


2. Free Walking Tour


If you have limited time in Prague, you should dedicate a few hours to participate in Sandeman’s free walking tour. This tour will introduce you to the key places in Prague in the shortest amount of time. The best part about the tour is that Sandeman’s tour guides are well-educated and are able to teach you about the Czech Republic’s complicated and interesting history. My favorite parts of the tour were learning about Prague’s incredible Astronomical Clock and exploring the harrowing Old Jewish Quarter. When the tour is finished, it is recommended that you tip your guide whatever amount you can afford. I also encourage you to ask them for suggestions on other things to do while in Prague.


1. Prague Fringe Festival


Meeting Tom Thumb – Australian beatboxer.

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These festivals can be found around the world, but Prague Fringe has a special place in my heart. If you are not familiar with Fringe Festivals, they are performing arts festivals featuring acts from international performers. For example, in 2015, we saw an Irish poet, a South African illusionist, and an Australian beatboxer. These festivals are also a great way to explore the more hidden parts of the city. The events are widely held in small, intimate venues that allow spectators to interact with the performers. Most events will only cost you $5, and there are no cameras allowed, which creates a very engaged and appreciative atmosphere.

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