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Driving in Colombia – Part 2 RUNT

Driving in Colombia – Part 2 – What is a RUNT ?

    If you drive in Colombia with a Colombia driver´s license you must register for a RUNT.  The  RUNT is a unified information management system with 11 categories that is used to manage data about the driver and their driving history. These details are provided by the Transit  offices throughout all of Colombia.

The RUNT is a tool to record fines, subpoenas or other traffic violations committed by the  drivers. Within this database drivers can find their various penalties, including the type of fine  and the details such as the place of occurrence, the value, the state of payment and the date and deadline for the payment. Information regarding the medical examinations of the driver are also included. Physical exams are for the eyes consists primarily of visual acuity of the driver and night vision. Additionally there are tests that are intended to assess mental health and attitudes in order to be more confident of the individual´s driving abilities.

The RUNT records information about your driver’s license such as type , class license in the  same category , date of issue, public or private license , expiration date and temporary or  partial suspensions .

The ´´paz y salvo´´ is a certification of good standing that indicates whether you are up to date with the payments of any fines that you might have with the transit offices ‘ Transito´.

The RUNT records in its databases other regulatory, legal documents. The certificate of  tradition is a document certifying tax payments for your vehicle are up to date. Another is the  process to renew your driver´s license.

The RUNT utilizes the cedula number to track the individual drivers. If you do not have a  RUNT you can apply at any transit office throughout Colombia.

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