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Disney Florida With The Kids On A Budget

Disney World Florida, where dreams come true and the wallets of parents around the world tremble? Maybe not. A trip here promises a fantastic fun holiday, but one that has never been considered as cheap due to high theme park entrance fees and costly hotels. Orlando is a place where memories are made for a lifetime. It is truly magical but unfortunately, that magic comes with a price tag. No parent wants to disappoint their kids, and if you’re thinking about planning a family holiday to Florida but worried about overspending, there are some tips and tricks to ensure your holiday retains all the magic but doesn’t break the bank in the process. 


Read on for Disney World hacks to help you get the most for your hard-earned cash and enjoy the holiday of a lifetime…

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Delete Your Cookies

Let’s start with booking your actual holiday, if you’ve been browsing Florida holidays for a while, your browser will have stored this data which could cause costs to sneakily increase. If you’re at the stage where you’re ready to book your flights or accommodation, be sure to delete all of your cookies and you might see prices come down by a hefty amount! You should also hold out for flights until sale periods, for example, the January sales are generally a good time to book long-haul flights as they often benefit from a reduction. If you can be flexible with your flight dates this is an extra bonus!


Book Accommodation Outside Of The Parks

You’re likely to pay a premium for booking a hotel in Disney World. You don’t need to blow all of your holiday budget on a Disney hotel, especially as you’ll be spending the majority of your time out and about in the parks and restaurants. Instead, look at hiring a villa in areas such as Kissimmee or a hotel on the central International Drive. If you’re heading out with another family then a villa can be a great cost-saving option. Plus, many come with their own pool which will be a great bonus on your downtime days and will keep the kids well entertained. Check out Orlando car rental in advance to book a vehicle for your holiday so that it’s easy to get around once you’re there and to open up a wider selection of hotels for your trip.


Buy Park Tickets In Advance

It’s no secret that Disney World passes are expensive, so if you want to save some cash on your tickets then it’s best to buy these in advance. There are reputable sellers outside of the official Disney website that regularly run offers and free upgrades, AAA and Parksavers are just two examples. Whatever you do, do not buy tickets off of websites such as eBay as you may find that these are fraudulent. Always be sure to do a little extra research to ensure whatever website you buy from is legitimate (this is where online reviews are extremely handy). 


Bring Your Own Snacks

Along with everything else inside the park, the food at Disney is expensive. Luckily, the park now allows visitors to bring their own snacks which means you can save yourself a fortune on Mickey Mouse pretzels, overpriced hot dogs and popcorn. A big shop at a local Walmart (that car will come in handy again here) will allow you to stock up on all the essentials including water, fruit and cereal bars to take with you for when the kids get hungry. You might be surprised at how many dollars you will be able to save! 


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