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When in Cyprus… The Top 9 Places to Visit in Cyprus

When in Cyprus… The Top 9 Places to Visit in Cyprus.

With a large expat community and a population that mostly speaks English, Cyprus could be your very perfect retirement getaway. If overseas retirement isn’t your plan right now, there are many reasons to still vacation in this beautiful country.

The country is located in the eastern Mediterranean; a tiny island that offers a lot of history. Everyone who came to power in the region saught after its natural beauty. People still travel to the country today to see its glory for themselves. Cyprus not only offers a wonderful cultural experience of archaeological sites, churches, and museums, but you can also enjoy the sand and sun featured all over the island.


1. Kourion

Kourion is definitely the best of the many ancient sites in Cyprus. Located just across a coast cliff, with views of the countryside and Mediterranean, the place is magical. The area is very large, but the most popular sections include the theatre and the House of Eustolios, where you can find well-preserved mosaics. You can also visit the Byzantine basilica, a structure filled with tumbled columns and parts of a mosaic floor.


2. Nissi Beach

For those looking to spend some time in the water, Nissi Beach is the place to do so. The soft, white sand and the turquoise water makes Nissi Beach Cyprus’ most famous beach. The calm, shallow water means the area is the perfect destination for families.


3. Larnaca

This seaside resort town on the southeast side of the island is a laidback haven for visitors. There are many sunny amenities to be found, as well as an interesting historical feel with the Church of Saint Lazarus from the late 9th century, and the Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque, open to visitors of every religion.

Just west of Larnaca is Larnaca Salt Lake, a network of four salt lakes at which you can see flamingos – it is considered one of the most beautiful regions in Cyprus.


4. Karpas Peninsula

Karpas Peninsula is another region of Cyprus known for its beauty. The peninsula stretches out in a long strip of golden beaches next to rugged hills. Here you will be able to hike, explore quiet villages, and walk through various historical sites.

You can visit the mosaics of Agia Triada in Sipahi Village and then head northeast to Dipkarpaz to see the small ruin of Agios Filon.

The peninsula is also home to Golden Beach, a vast sandy beach that brings in visitors from all around the world.


5. Salamis

Salamis is a huge archaeological site that is home to many marble ruins and ranks among Kourion as one of the best historical sites in the country. You can get a vivid idea of the vast history of Cyprus by walking between the sets of ruins, both from different time periods. Explore the Hellenistic statuary of the ruins of the Gymnasium and two ruins of Byzantine Churches, along with a large reservoir area that demonstrates the engineering ability of, what used to be, an ancient city.


6. Cape Greco

Along the southern coast, usually busy with tourists sits one region where you can escape the crowds. Cape Greco is a beautiful national park where you can enjoy various hiking trails that begin east of the Ayia Napa resort.

While hiking, you can take in the wondrous local flora, including the wild orchids that bloom in early spring. The real draw, however, is the coastal scenery, featuring a deep blue sea.


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7. Troodos Mountains

In the Troodos Mountains in the southwest, you can find numerous small villages, full of traditional stone houses and cobblestone alleys. In these quaint towns, you will also find some of the most amazing churches and monasteries in the country, nine of which have been given UNESCO World Heritage Status.

The highest point of the Troodos Mountains and Cyprus as a whole is Mount Olympus, at 1,952 meters.


8. Cyprus Museum

With a rich history and a scattering of archaeological sites, it probably doesn’t surprise you to know that there are also many museums throughout the country. One museum, in the capital city of Nicosia, is where you should go to gather the island’s complete history. Aptly named the Cyprus Museum, the museum is well curated and will take you along a journey through the Neolithic Age through the Ottoman era, with artifacts and preserved artistry from every era.


9. Castles

Due to the rich history of Cyprus, the country is littered with castles to be explored. Here is a list of a few of the wonderful structures:

Limassol Castle is in the heart of the city of Limassol. What you can see of the castle today was rebuilt in 1590, during the Ottoman rule.

On the edge of Paphos harbour sits Paphos Castle, built as a Byzantine fort to protect the harbor. It was destroyed by the earthquake of 1222 and rebuilt by the Lusignans in the 13th century.

Kolossi Castle would win the cutest castle contest in Cyprus if there was one. This castle is located right outside of Limassol and sits as a reminder of Cyprus’ importance for the Europeans during the Holy Land Crusades.

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