facebook 5 Things Your Small Business Should Look for in a Courier Service

5 Things Your Small Business Should Look for in a Courier Service

5 Things Your Small Business Should Look for in a Courier Service

If you run a small business, then you know that having a reliable courier service can save you time and money. The right courier company can help you provide your customers with same-day, overnight delivery, and international services as well. However, choosing a suitable reliable and flexible courier service to suit your business can be tricky. In this article, I will be providing you with the top five things you should consider when choosing a courier service. 

Let’s jump in.


1: Reliability

This should be the first thing you consider when looking into an online courier service. There are multiple ways you can find out how reliable your potential courier options are but one of the best ways is looking at the company’s credentials. CitySprint is the UK’s leading same-day courier service and has been recognized as an industry leader for many years. 

Also, take a look at their case studies. Not only does this provide an insight into the courier services’ reliability, but it also will give you a great look into how they have specifically worked with other businesses in your industry.


2: Security

Going hand in hand with reliability is security. Whether you are shipping sensitive information such as legal and financial documents or work in the medical sector and require proof of delivery, your courier service should provide multiple ways to keep your parcel safe and secure. 

When considering shipment security  check that the courier service offers the following:

  • Real-time GPS tracking 
  • Option for secure parcel delivery
  • Full audit trail 
  • A transparent chain of custody 

Next, consider their services. 


3: Range of Services

When comparing courier companies take a close look at the variety of services they offer. Even if your small business currently needs to deliver locally, having a courier partner that can handle international logistics and deliveries will be helpful when you are ready to scale your business. Here are some of the many services that an excellent courier supplier should provide:

  1. Same-day delivery
  2. UK Overnight 
  3. International
  4. Logistics 
  5. Specialist Services (such as warehouse storage, pick and pack)
  6. Freight and Cargo 
  7. Office Solutions – digital print and postal services


4: Environmental Considerations 

More businesses are now taking measures to dramatically reduce their carbon footprint, whether it is through schemes they have put in place internally or by working with eco-conscious suppliers. When choosing between courier services, companies should look at the measures that carriers have put in place to reduce emissions. 

CitySprint, for example, offers a range of green vehicles:

  • Pushbike – the largest courier pushbike fleet in London 
  • Cargo Bike – electric bicycles that can carry up to 50kg and reduce delivery time by up to 50%
  • Eco Van – electric vans for fast urban last-mile deliveries, and longer jobs up to 200 miles
  • Hydrogen Van – new zero-emission technology that only emits water; suitable for mid-distance urban deliveries with a mileage of 100 miles.  

Not only do these vehicles considerably reduce emissions, letting your customers know you are committed to green deliveries is an important differentiating factor that will set you apart from your competition. CitySprint also runs all of their 30+ sites across the UK on 100% renewable energy sources.

Last, but certainly not least, easy booking!


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5: Online Booking Options

When you have an important delivery, time is of the essence. Choose a courier service that offers an easy and streamlined online booking system where you can get your quote and place your booking right away. 

Other considerations for online booking include being able to schedule your deliveries in advance. If you are planning on using an online courier service consistently consider registering for a business account for exclusive pricing and rates, payment options, online management, as well as access to detailed job reporting. 


Wrap Up 

If you run a small business and need a delivery service, use our checklist to help you pick one that you can depend on. A courier service is one of the most important relationships you can make as a business and knowing your deliveries are in good hands is a life-saver!

I hope you enjoyed reading: 5 Things Your Small Business Should Look for in a Courier Service

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