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Escape Artist is one of the world’s largest and oldest expat resources for living, working, traveling, retiring, and investing abroad!

Escape Artist aims to be the most comprehensive source for information, resources, analysis, and insights for the internationally-minded.  With offices in the United States, Belize, Panama, and Portugal, Escape Artist was established with a mission to inspire and engage consumers with credible news and unique content, while building an international expat community.

We provide the tools of freedom for anyone in the world daring enough to pursue their dreams! As a beloved brand for over 19 years, we have a history of earned trust by providing value and offering our readers credible resources and a community of peers to share with and learn from… That is what we will continue to do.

Meet the Team

Our team features people from across the globe who are driven to share their experiences of living overseas. They are the lifeblood that makes Escape Artist possible, bringing you the stories, advice, and beautiful images that our readers love!


Mikkel Thorup

Director of Content & Marketing

Mikkel Thorup is the #1 Best Selling author of Expat Secrets: How To Pay Zero Taxes, Live Overseas & Make Giant Piles Of Money which you can purchase on Amazon today. Mikkel has spent nearly 20 years in continual travel around the world, visiting more than 100 countries including Colombia, North Korea, Zimbabwe, and Iran. And has lived as an Expat since early 2000s, making his home in Central America, South Pacific, Asia, the Arctic, North America, as well as the Middle East.


Jordan Steadman

Brand Identity Developer

After leaving the US for the first time soon after graduating from Allegheny College, Jordan’s world was opened up in Belize. He has come to enjoy sharing the beauty of the world and the opportunities that can be found abroad. If you’re looking for Jordan, he’s usually somewhere outside near water or playing with a dog.


Daniel Wilhelm

Manager of Business Development

Dan has spent most of his 20’s living the expat life that most of our readers dream about. From New York City to Nicaragua to Belize to Portugal, Dan is quickly establishing himself in the world of international living. Having studied Economics in university, most of his hobbies revolve around following the global markets and studying new policies. When not working, Dan can be found scouring a city for hidden gem restaurants.

Our Contributing Writers


David J. Drummond

From banking and asset protection to residency and alternative investments, David Drummond utilizes his experience to help others streamline their initiatives.


Michael Cobb

In 1996, at the height of his career in the computer industry, Michael Cobb and his business partner formed a company, Exotic Caye International, to provide loans to North Americans purchasing properties in Belize, Honduras, Costa Rica and throughout the region.


Joel Nagel

Joel is an international lawyer and entrepreneur focusing his practice in the area of asset protection, cross-border transactions, and global investment. He shares his knowledge at speaking engagements all over the globe.


Jack Wheeler

Dr. Jack Wheeler, dubbed the “Real-Life Indiana Jones,” by the Wall Street Journal, has been traveling and leading private expeditions for decades. He speaks and writes on how the history, geography, culture, religion, and political events are changing our world dynamically.


Rachel Jensen

Rachel Jensen joined the ECI Development team in 2012, starting as the organization’s intern at the administrative offices in Managua, Nicaragua.


Luigi Wewege

Luigi Wewege is the Senior Vice President of Caye International Bank headquartered in Belize, Central America and published author of The Digital Banking Revolution.