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Reach thousands of readers through one of the oldest offshore online publications to date. Established in 1997, Escape Artist has been dedicated to educating readers and offering services through global partnerships on all things offshore. Since then, our team has worked hard to earn a Domain Authority of 63 and rank on Google for thousands of keywords. 

Get connected with our readership today by submitting your article. In a one-time exclusive offer for a $150 USD fee per article, you can have your advice, services, and much more seen by our loyal readers!

Writers are permitted to have one Do-Follow link included in the article to back link to their site! 

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How To Submit: 

To submit an article to Escape Artist, please click the button below. You will be redirected to a payment submission page.

Your article will be posted within 48 hours and will be live on the Escape Artist website for a minimum of 365 days with 1 Do-Follow backlink

Article Parameters

  1. The article must apply to one or more of the topics above or similar subject matter. 
  2. The article must be at least 1,000 words. Please include a title, meta description, and list of keywords. 
  3. Before submitting, please ensure your grammar is edited to the best of your ability. Escape Artist holds a high standard for the content we publish. Our team has the right to edit the article within reason. This includes grammar mistakes. 
  4. No more than one do-follow links are to be included, additional links will be deleted.
  5. Each article costs only $150 USD. You may submit more than one article at a time. 
  6. There are no refunds, failure to follow the article parameters forfeits your payment.
  7. If you do not have an article ready please just submit an appropriate link and we will place it in a relevant article for you.



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