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Top 3 Places to Retire in the Caribbean

For many of us, the idea of life in the Caribbean paints a beautiful picture of the good life. For retirees, that picture is more easily within reach. When you’re still trying to climb the corporate ladder, most of the time (unless you’re a lucky exception to the rule) it makes more sense to stay planted where you are, whether that’s the United States, Canada, or another part of the Western World. When you’ve retired, and you are ready to enjoy all the fruits of your labor, the Caribbean becomes a more and more appealing option for a place to start up a new life.

The Caribbean offers investment opportunities as well as a new laid-back lifestyle, so no matter which type of retirement you’re looking for – one that continues to draw in income and offers more opportunities for economic growth, or one that only requires a beach and the sun – you can find it there. So, now begs the question, which Caribbean paradise is the best one to call home? Here are three choices that are sure to meet your needs:



That’s Dominica – not the Dominican Republic. There are big differences between the two, and you don’t want to end up surrounded by tourists in the Dominican Republic when you thought you were traveling to Nature Island, so take note.

Dominica is the perfect retirement destination for those seeking to escape into nature. It is the home of a vast mountain range, rain forests filled with lush vegetation and all kinds of birds and animal species that go along with that, hot springs and lots of beaches. The population of Dominica is under 75,000, so when you go to relax within nature, that’s truly what you’re doing.

There are both residential and commercial real estate investment opportunities in Dominica, so that if you find yourself getting a little too relaxed, and you’d like to start investing through these means, you won’t have to look too far. Dominica also offers a citizenship by investment program, which is actually one of the best-valued programs of its kind. You can acquire a second passport here for an investment of only $100,000 USD.


Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua is known as the Land of 365 Beaches. What could be bad about that? It’s also known as the most beautiful country in the world. These two reasons alone make it a great option for retirement in paradise, but there’s more to love about this island country.

Antigua has seen a boom in the real estate market as of late, and the economy is steadily growing thanks to its golden visa program. This is the country’s citizenship by investment program, which allows full citizenship to those who can invest $400,000 in property there.

Antigua is so beautiful, and so easily accessible to the United States, Latin America, and the UK, that it’s known for attracting many high-earning individuals. People you’ve probably heard of, like Robert De Niro, Oprah Winfrey Giorgio Armani, and Eric Clapton, have all chosen to purchase property in this country.


St. Lucia

If you’re looking for a place where you can purchase a high-end property and enjoy the good life, you’re looking at St. Lucia. The citizenship by investment program there requires a purchase of high-end real estate starting at $300,000, which still isn’t too pricey compared to high-end real estate in many parts of the United States (looking at you, D.C.). Prices overall may seem a bit higher than you’d expect in a Caribbean country, but rent is still very low and easily affordable, with a one-bedroom in the city center falling at under $400 USD per month.

The island itself is known for its twin peaks, the Pitons. These are two dramatic volcano islands that have become symbolic of St. Lucia. It’s a mountainous country – more so than other Caribbean nations, so it’s a mountain-lovers paradise. The highest peak is Mount Gimie, and tourists and residents alike have fun traipsing the paths and touring the rainforests in the area.

Cocoa, avocados, and bananas are popularly farmed in St. Lucia, but the income from that is trumped by that of tourism. With the amount of attention St. Lucia is receiving for being a retiree’s dream, a real estate purchase there is becoming more and more appealing.


Retiring in the Caribbean

Wherever you choose to retire, anything in the Caribbean is sure to deliver that laid-back beach life you’re looking for. Choose one with a great citizenship by investment program, and you’re covering all your bases at once!

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