facebook Why This Nicaraguan Beach Resort Stays Open Despite Crisis

Why This Nicaraguan Beach Resort Stays Open Despite Crisis

Why This Nicaraguan Beach Resort Stays Open Despite Crisis

As my Nicaraguan co-worker says in a playful tone, “Nicaragua is undergoing maintenance right now, so we can have a better country for you, for him, for her, for them. For everyone. We’ll be back online soon.”

We all have heard about the Nicaraguan crisis in the news and I thank those folks who have checked in to see how it is going for our operations and team members based in-country. It has been a challenging journey over the past few months, but I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of a team that is committed to Nicaragua’s bright future.

Despite once calling Nicaragua home, as a foreigner, it is not my place to have an opinion about what should or should not be done. This article is not about finger-pointing or dissecting the news articles, but rather sharing with you a heartfelt and uplifting message from Gran Pacifica, an incredible beachfront golf and surf community on the Pacific coast of the country.  

Enjoy the read, and thanks again for your continued readership. Feel free to pass this along to anyone who you think would benefit from a fresh perspective on this topic.

{If you want to catch up on what is going on in Nicaragua, be sure to review the articles hyperlinked at the bottom of this letter.}

Why This Nicaraguan Beach Resort Stays Open Despite CrisisDear Friend,

As many of you are aware by now, the past few months in Nicaragua have been very trying. One minute we hear positive news that makes us feel like the civil unrest may be over, and the next minute we hear something that makes everyone wonder if this could last a long time.

For the past 20 years, Nicaragua has been our home. Gran Pacifica has served tens of thousands of vacationers and property owners, has employed hundreds of locals, and has donated tremendous amounts of human and monetary resources towards sustainable corporate social responsibility programs in the community. Just recently, we finished a health clinic in our community.

While many resorts throughout Nicaragua, including neighboring resorts around Gran Pacifica, have closed their doors, we have strongly confirmed our commitment to remain open. Providing uninterrupted top-quality service to our valued property owners, residents, and guests, ensuring employment for our fellow Nicaraguans, and building a community for our residents remains our top priority.

Why This Nicaraguan Beach Resort Stays Open Despite CrisisGuests, owners, and locals at Gran Pacifica for the turtle release.

Why This Nicaraguan Beach Resort Stays Open Despite CrisisA baby turtle from the Gran Pacifica sanctuary about to be released.

The weekend activity at Gran Pacifica has remained constant. Many city guests and surfers continue retreating to the beach to enjoy some R&R and perhaps play a round of golf.

Our corporate social responsibility team has continued visiting local towns, introducing new projects and expanding existing ones. Holly Wilson, one of Gran Pacifica’s resident volunteers from California, USA, has been growing the “Seed Project,” an initiative to promote healthy eating through sustainable gardens, with local employee, Alejandro Mendoza. Holly mentioned, “Since jobs have been lost due to the recent struggles around our area, our Social Responsibility Committee at Gran Pacifica requested extra help for the local community. Alejandro and I were both excited about this project, since we both love gardening and started at a young age.”

Why This Nicaraguan Beach Resort Stays Open Despite Crisis Gran Pacifica employees receiving seeds to start growing their own produce at home.

Why This Nicaraguan Beach Resort Stays Open Despite Crisis Celebrating Children’s Day at Gran Pacifica.

Today we are preparing our resort for the tourism that will return by the millions when our country’s future is soon realized again. Just last week, the luxury Crystal Cruise liner docked in Nicaragua to kick off the 2018-2019 season. We are confident that Nicaragua will come out of this situation a better and stronger tourism and residential destination. The recovery will happen. Therefore, we continue to invest in significant development at Gran Pacifica right now.

For example, vertical construction of the largest project to begin at Gran Pacifica in over ten years, the next condominium building in Las Perlas Oceanfront Village, started last month. With calming Pacific sunset views from every balcony and an attractive price tag, it is no surprise that only 2 suites remain available for private ownership. Learn more here.

Why This Nicaraguan Beach Resort Stays Open Despite CrisisSecuring the rebar to Gran Pacifica’s Las Perlas’ Momotombo Building.

While commonly overlooked as a real estate investment by the average investor, the world’s wealthiest 1% identified that ownership of timberland is one of the best wealth-building strategies known. As world-renowned economist, Steve Sjuggerud, once proclaimed, “They [trees] grow through recessions. They grow through wars. They grow through stock and real estate crashes. They grow through everything. They give you built-in investment growth that isn’t guaranteed with a stock…”

And the teak at Gran Pacifica is continuing to flourish. At this moment, Phase I of 40 acres has sold out. Folks have already been asking about Phase II which is currently being surveyed. Reservations to claim a parcel are currently underway.

Gran Pacifica has made it easy for savvy investors to own one of the most popular and valuable hardwoods in the world, teak. See how easy it is to earn $500,000+ through teak ownership with an investment of as little as $29,900. Learn more here.

Why This Nicaraguan Beach Resort Stays Open Despite CrisisA horseback ride to the teak plantation at Gran Pacifica.

Due to various circumstances, some current property owners are unable to wait for the Nicaragua rebound. What this means for forward-thinking individuals is that prime home lots are available for resale in some of the most sought-after neighborhoods at Gran Pacifica, some home sites starting at only $20,000. Also, a home with pool, great landscaping, and three bedrooms built for $319,000. Owners listed for $239,000 ready for immediate move-in and use. Explore the value opportunities here.

This is a very exciting time with the expansion of the Gran Pacifica Resort. Our activity and continued investment demonstrate our strong commitment to the community even during a difficult time in the country.

Our property owners, residents, visitors, and employees are our #1 priority, and we are dedicated to sustaining a solid foundation for all Gran Pacifica stakeholders. By remaining open and engaged in the tourism economy, we are moving forward anticipating the bright future that will be here in Nicaragua again. We hope you, too, decide to become a part of the Gran Pacifica community.

P.S.  Holly and Alejandro have a few community service projects in the pipeline and are asking for your help! They are currently fundraising $1,550 USD for the following projects:

– Water pump for a local town that is currently without water
– Laptops and school supplies for local schools in California, Rosario, El Zapote, San Bartolo, Los Roas, and Los Lopez.

If you’d like to contribute to these life-changing causes, please contact us right now. I would also like to offer you our FREE country guide.  Enjoy!


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