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Malta – A Perfect Expat and Holiday Destination

Malta – A Perfect Expat and Holiday Destination

If Malta is not yet on your radar, it’s a good idea that you put it on your bucket list. Located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, Malta is the largest island and the administrative, commercial, and cultural centre of the area. Additionally, Malta is brimming with natural beauty, packed with attractions and places of interest – and there is a lot to do, making it an excellent destination for holiday or a new place to call home. The size of Malta is also relatively small, making it easy to explore.

With over 300 days of sunshine, its capital city, Valletta, was voted as the sunniest city in all of Europe. It’s also the perfect place during the winter! Valletta also host concerts, street events, a series of exhibitions, and regular plays. Furthermore, the Archeological Museum in Valletta houses a rich collection of prehistoric artefacts. The city possesses exciting St. John’s catacombs and Grand Master’s Palace. The Roman Antiquities museum and other sites are located in Rabat.

The rural area of this beautiful Island is also fascinating, with charming villages and attractive folklore. On Sunday morning, you can visit the open-air market outside Valletta or the fishing village of Marsaxlokk.

Malta has recently received numerous awards thanks to its cleanest sea in Europe. In fact, its clear waters make the island the best location for scuba diving, fishing, yachting, and various water-sports. It also has the most scenic airport approach in the world.

These entire features make Malta a top destination for tourist and expats looking for a change in lifestyle for themselves or their families. Professional opportunities, as well as attractive corporate taxes await expats in Malta. The Island also enjoys a low crime rate, political stability, and democratic government. The low crime rate makes Malta one of the few places where you can walk safely at night. Malta offers a peaceful way of life! To get the best deals on air ticket, accommodations, and car hire, seek services from agencies; there are many of them, for example, Malta holidays with Choice.

For expats, it’s advisable that you rent a property in Malta before buying if you plan to live on the island. Doing so will help you get a feel for the lifestyle there. Securing accommodation in the island is straightforward and there several options for expats. The areas that are popular with expats include St. Julian’s, Sliema, and Swiegi; they are just within a walking distance from Valletta.

These areas are the “urban” of Malta’s villages, with an international community based here. They are located on the seaside with a mix of residential as well as commercial buildings. There are shopping malls, restaurants, bars and clubs, lidos, schools, marinas, public sea access, and movie theatres. The property prices in Malta are also more affordable than European capitals.

Malta is one of the best locations in Europe. With all their fascinating features, favorable weather, and lively activities, do not miss visiting this place!


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