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Destination Arenal & Monteverde

Two of the most diverse and unique destinations in Costa Rica, both Arenal and Monteverde feature stunning wildlife, fascinating eco-systems, and scenery you’ll never see anywhere else!

Arenal Volcano

Arenal Volcano is the most famous active volcano in Costa Rica. Known for its awe-inspiring displays of ash eruptions, hot lava, and ground rumbling tremors, Arenal  Volcano is a true sight to behold and one of the most well known destinations in Costa Rica.

This area has a vast array of attractions for visitors, such as canopy tours, sky trams, a hot air balloon tour, horseback riding, and best of all…hot springs! As a result of the geological phenomenons taking place within the volcano, many hot springs were created. There are several resorts and waterparks dedicated to the Arenal Volcano hotsprings.

La Fortuna

The nearest town to the Arenal Volcano National Park, this sleepy little country town houses most of the hotels and vacation rentals used by tourists who come to visit the volcano. La Fortuna is a small town, with many restaurants, little shops, and a lot of true Costa Rican culture.


Take a break from the sandy coasts of Costa Rica and step into the clouds… Monteverde features one of the most unique kinds of rainforest in the world: a cloud forest. The area has a mystical ambiance and is almost magical in nature. Everywhere, you’ll find yourself shrouded in mist, high in the mountains, surrounded by the incredible tropical forest in the clouds.

Remember to pack for chilly weather, if you plan on visiting the incredible Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, as it can be quite cold up in the mountains, even in Costa Rica. Long pants and a light jacket are recommended. Monteverde is home to a variety of unique animal and plant species and has some really spectacular views, especially when looking over the side of one of the many suspension bridges here.

The nearby town of Santa Elena is a quiet mountain town with a quaint charm. Here you’ll find restaurants serving traditional Costa Rican cuisine, artisan shops filled with hand-made crafts, and friendly locals.

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